Postfire Restoration Framework

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Giant sequoia grove recently burned

California’s landscapes are becoming dramatically altered by wildfires. The postfire restoration framework (PSW-GTR-270) and related postfire interventions (PSW-GTR-278; forthcoming) reports provide land managers with a science-based process for restoration planning on national forests in California. The framework is rooted in ecological restoration principles and includes a landscape assessment process and tools that set the stage for planning large-scale restoration projects. 

Postfire Assessments and Strategies by Province

Northern Province 

Sierra Cascade Province

Central Sierra Province

Southern Sierra Province

Southern California Province: Chaparral and mixed conifer/Bigcone Douglas Fir in the 2020 Bobcat Fire (in progress). 

Additional Postfire Resources and Information

Recordings of the 2022 postfire restoration framework symposium

Postfire recovery plan for the Pacific Southwest Region

Reforestation for resilience in dry western U.S. forests

Additional GTR-270 assessments are available on request