Invoice Processing Platform (IPP)

Invoice Processing Platform

The Department of Agriculture (USDA) mandated the transition of all Integrated Acquisition System (IAS) payments to the US Treasury Invoice Processing Platform (IPP). This allows electronic routing and approval of IAS related invoices. IAS Payments are transitioning first to the new platform. The Forest Service (FS) completed transition to the new process as of February 24, 2014.

Treasury's IPP enables vendors to electronically enter, submit, as well as track invoice status. The invoice information entered by the Vendors in IPP is used to route the invoice through the appropriate approval process, based on the contract.

  • The following is a small list of benefits:
  • Reduces the number of improper invoices and agency data entry errors
  • Reduces the amount of interest paid and will assist with compliance of the Prompt Payment Act
  • Enables the FS to identify the amount of IAS invoices and its particular point in the approval process
  • Provides remittance data (payment notifications) to vendors to include Treasury offset information