Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest Region

Climate Adaptation Plan

The Forest Service has been actively engaged in climate adaptation for many years, using lessons learned that help us take meaningful actions.

View the Forest Service Climate Adaptation Plan

As stewards of National Forest Lands, the USDA Forest Service is committed to actively work in collaboration with diverse stakeholders to prepare national forest lands for impacts related to climate change, and proactively respond to ongoing effects of climate related disturbances.

Climate change presents a major challenge for the Forest Service. From longer fire seasons to more intense rainstorms to record-breaking temperatures, national forests in the Pacific Northwest are experiencing a diverse set of impacts, which will intensify in the future.

The following Forest Service direction guides the integration of climate change adaptation into agency-wide policies:

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments

A mountain with meadow in the foreground.Adapting ecosystems and associated resources to climate change requires having access to science on how climate change is impacting these ecosystems and resources. To address this need, the Pacific Northwest Region has worked with the Forest Service and university researchers to develop a series of climate change vulnerability assessments. These peer-reviewed scientific reports include climate change projections and descriptions of potential effects of climate change on areas within the Pacific Northwest Region. They also include descriptions of adaptation actions that managers can implement to address expected effects.

View a national map of completed climate change vulnerability assessments. Links to climate change vulnerability assessments for the Pacific Northwest Region are provided below:

Climate Change Fact Sheets

A series of regional fact sheets summaries information on key topics on climate change national forests.

Carbon Stewardship

For more information on carbon stocks in the Pacific Northwest Region, see this assessment. Learn more about the effects of disturbances on carbon.

Adaptation Examples

Take a look at the following to learn more about how the Forest Service is taking on climate change in the Pacific Northwest.

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