Modernizing Forest Plans in the Northwest

The Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) amendment is a landscape approach to public land management designed to contribute to social and economic sustainability in the region, while protecting threatened and endangered species in late successional and old-growth habitats. The NWFP amended existing forest plans on 19 national forest units across Washington, Oregon, and California. The NWFP and those underlying forest plans that were amended require key updates to address current management needs. Use the links above to get more information about the updates to the forest plan modernization process.

What's New?

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2012 Planning Rule

The 2012 Planning Rule is a significant advance in citizen-based land management planning intended to benefit communities and protect important national landscapes and resources.

View an interactive Story Map about the 2012 Planning Rule.

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Bioregional Assessment

This Bioregional Assessment of Northwest Forests provides a snapshot in time of the current ecological, social and economic conditions on national forest system lands within the Northwest Forest Plan amendment area as well as two adjacent units.

Bioregional Assessment Story Map Collection:

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A collection of story maps covering key portions of the Bioregional Assessment of Northwest Forests document produced by U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service Pacific Northwest and Pacific Southwest Regions.