Restoring, Maintaining and Imparting Resilience to Pacific Northwest Landscapes


Our Vision:  We manage lands so that they are resilient, recovering quickly from disturbance so that nature continues to provide what the public values from healthy ecosystems for the long run.


Graphic: Being in Community

Graphic w text: Nature Provides

We work with in collaborative partnership across the region to help make our communities vibrant and resilient.


We manage for resilient landscapes so that nature continues to provide timber, grazing, abundant fresh water, wildlife, fish, first foods, and other natural resources. 


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Graphic text: Find the Greatest Good

Resilient Forests and rangelands are important to maintain diversity of plants and animals, to provide a variety of recreational opportunities, and to teach the public the value of natural resources.


Since 1905, the Forest Service has been managing lands to find the greatest good, for the greatest number, in the long run.