Northwest Forest Plan

Image of Joseph CanyonThe mission of the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) is to adopt coordinated management direction for the lands administered by the USDA Forest Service and the USDI Bureau of Land Management and to adopt complimentary approaches by other Federal agencies within the range of the northern spotted owl. The management of these public lands must meet dual needs: the need for forest habitat and the need for forest products.

  • Modernizing Forest Plans in the Northwest

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    Learn about the Forest Service's efforts to modernize our forest plans in the Northwest.

  • NW Forest Plan Federal Advisory Committee

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    Find information on the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) efforts and opportunities for the public to get involved for the planning of the Northwest Plan.

  • Learn About the Bioregional Assessment

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    The Forest Service developed and released a Bioregional Assessment which provides a snapshot in time of the current ecological, social and economic conditions on national forest system lands.

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