Resources for employees impacted by fire


Eastside Screens Plan Amendment Resources

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Project Documents

Map of the Project Area

General Technical Report PNW-GTR-990: The 1994 Eastside Screens Large-Tree Harvest Limit: Review of Science Relevant to Forest Planning 25 Years Later 

2012 Planning Rule

1976 National Forest Management Act

1995 Interim Management Direction: Establishing Riparian, Ecosystem and Wildlife Standards For Timber Sales

Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station’s Northwest Forest Plan science synthesis report  (PNW-GTR-966)

While created specifically for the Northwest Forest Plan area, the report contains research and discussion relevant to this project. Chapter 3 contains discussion that may help clarify science and differing viewpoints related to dry forest dynamics in the Northwest. See Forest Succession and Landscape Dynamics section in chapter 3 (pages 124-151). Chapter 12 contains discussions of fire exclusion and social perspectives on altered forests that are also relevant (pages 923-932).


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