Interagency Special Status / Sensitive Species Program

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The Pacific Northwest Regional Office of the U.S. Forest Service and Oregon/Washington State Office of the Bureau of Land Management established an interagency program for the conservation and management of rare species.


This interagency collaboration focuses on regional-level approaches for species that meet agency criteria for inclusion on sensitive and special status lists. This includes those species that are not federally listed as Threatened or Endangered, or Proposed for federal listing.


[ Photograph ] Mt. Rainier and wildflowers

Coordination Includes:

  • identifying high priority species and habitats,
  • identifying data gaps and information needs,
  • developing conservation assessments and strategies,
  • conducting range-wide inventories,
  • managing data,
  • working with key partners in state and federal agencies, research, universities, and non-government organizations, and
  • making information available to field staff and the public












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