Blue Mountains Forest Resiliency Project

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What is the forest resiliency project?

Across the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon and Washington, more than 2.3 million acres of dry forests have become overcrowded and vulnerable to unusual outbreaks of insects, diseases, and wildfires. The current pace of active forest restoration is not keeping pace with forest growth. Every year we fall farther behind. Forests have become denser, ladder fuels have increased, and the abundance of fire-tolerant tree species have declined. Climate trends are leading to extended late season drought and longer wildfire seasons – and the forests are losing against these conditions.

How do we change this devastating trend? The Blue Mountains Forest Resiliency Project is an effort to restore more than a half million acres of forests on the Ochoco, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests. This project will use thinning and fire to actively restore dry forests toward more resilient conditions.


Proposed Action Documents and Maps

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Blue Mountains Forest Resiliency Blog

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Recent Communications

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  • News Release: Public engagement sessions scheduled for Forest Resiliency Project [Feb. 29, 2016]
  • News Release: National Forests seek public input on landscape scale restoration project [Feb. 3, 2016]

Forest Resiliency Project Updates

Public Engagement 

The Ochoco, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests hosted a series of public engagement sessions in March to discuss the Proposed Action for the Forest Resiliency Project. 

Visit the public engagement page to see the small group discussion notes from the public engagagement sessions and to find out more about how the Blue Mountains Restoration Strategy Team is taking a collaborative approach in the Forest Resiliency Project. Working together results in better, more broadly-supported projects that manage the public’s lands by helping identify needs and potential points of conflict and develop solutions together.




The Blue Mountains Forest Resiliency Project is part of the Forest Service’s broader strategy to accelerate the pace and scale of forest restoration in eastern Oregon and Washington to provide both healthy forests and healthy communities. More information can be found on the Eastside Restoration website.