Dorena Genetic Resource Center - Overview

Dorena Genetic Resource Center (DGRC), located just west of Dorena Lake and near Cottage Grove, Oregon, is unique to the USDA Forest Service (History of DGRC). DGRC provides forest genetic services to the 19 national forests and cooperators in Oregon and Washington. The Center offers a bridge between research and production, and plays a key role in the Region's genetic resource program.

From the Center, a resident team of foresters, geneticist, associated specialists and highly skilled technicians provide many diverse services with a focus on ecosystem management and forest health. Our cooperators, include geneticists, pathologists, and other resource professionals with the Forest Service, BLM, and other organizations in Oregon, Washington, and elsewhere.

We help ensure biodiversity through restoring and sustaining white pines in ecosystems by developing blister rust disease-resistant western white pine and sugar pine.

Dorena seed orchards are presently a principal source of rust-resistant seed, and we have supplied resistant parent trees for the development of seed orchards elsewhere in the Pacific northwest (see Program to Develop White Pine Blister Rust Resistance for Oregon and Washington).

We're developing Port-Orford-cedar (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) populations that are resistant to Phytophthora lateralis for use in restoration and regeneration in Oregon and California (see Program to Develop Resistance to Phytophthora lateralis in POC).

We study genetic diversity for a variety of tree species. Knowledge about genetic diversity increases the important baseline information about a species, and helps define seed collections areas, adaptable seed sources and breeding zones, as well as helping ensure a wide genetic base for reforestation and restoration.

We're developing technology for containerized seed orchards for western larch and Port-Orford-cedar to produce seed quickly at the Center to meet urgent regional seed needs.

The Region's genetic resource seed stores are managed at Dorena.

Multi-discipline training courses are organized for plant material collection and storage, plant grafting, blister rust management, and tree climbing.

Visitors are always welcome, for further information contact us at (541) 767-5700.