Release Date: Aug 2, 2019

Fire season is picking up and we have firefighters working hard to protect local communities and natural resources. If you’re traveling in areas with nearby fire activity, please be careful and use extra caution. There may be smoky conditions and limited visibility. You may see heavy equipment and firefighting trucks on the road. Please drive carefully, slow down, and give plenty of space to firefighters and fire vehicles. Follow these tips to keep yourself and firefighters safe:


  • If possible, alter travel plans to avoid areas impacted by fire activity.
  • If you must drive, pay close attention to road closures and warnings.
  • Be alert – Fire activity and subsequent operations can change very quickly.  Adapt driving patterns accordingly and yield to emergency responders.
  • Navigation applications on smart phones or other devices may not accurately reflect changing conditions and could put motorists at risk.
  • Plan ahead - Keep the gas tank full; Keep a clean air filter; Bring a paper map or road atlas for travel in areas with limited cell reception; bring an extra cell phone charger; make sure you have a spare tire and jack; and carry extra water, food, a first aid kit and a blanket.
  • Remove unnecessary flammables from the vehicle, such as containers of gas and oil.
  • Stay calm and focus on driving tasks – Drivers should not be texting, taking photos or video footage no matter what is unfolding around them.
  • Keep headlights “on” for safety.
  • Smoke-filled air can impact health – Keep vehicle windows closed – Close all exterior air vents – Set air conditioning to the “recirculation” mode.


We’re watching out for you so please watch out for us!


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