Recreation tips for Labor Day weekend

Release Date: Sep 1, 2021

Contact(s): Catherine Caruso

PORTLAND, OR, September 1, 2021 — National forests in Oregon and Washington are great destinations for that last long weekend of the summer season. The Forest Service offers these tips to help you enjoy your northwest forests safely and responsibly.

Fire danger is extremely high.

Restrictions on motorized equipment and campfires on campgrounds and in dispersed areas are for everyone’s protection. Check for recent large fire activity, current fire restrictions and closures before you go (you may also want to check with local fire dispatch for more information about the area you plan to visit). Research your route, and plan alternatives in case conditions change. Make sure someone knows where you are going and when you expect to return – ask them to monitor the news and alert authorities if needed, or if you don’t return as expected.

Expect crowds.

Closures due to previous fire damage or current fire danger reduce the area available for recreation activity. Even in dispersed areas, suitable campsites could be few and far between. If you’re headed outdoors, pack your patience – have a plan, and have a backup plan. Check the forest’s website and social media for information about your destination. Don’t ruin your weekend by arriving unprepared!

Recreate responsibly.

If you aren’t familiar with the 10 Outdoor Essentials, the seven principles of Leave No Trace, or Smokey Bear’s fire prevention tips, now is a good time to review these responsible recreation basics and the Recreate Responsibly guidelines. You can also find activity-specific tips for everything from hunting to hiking to horseback riding on the Tread Lightly website.

Lack of preparation is the single greatest contributor to people getting lost, stranded, or injured on public lands!

Take your time as you get know your forests and be a responsible recreationalist to help keep our northwest forests available for everyone to explore.