Deschutes National Forest

Deschutes National Forest proposes to eliminate fees at specific recreation sites (MORE)

Recreation Sites Where Day Use Fees are Charged

[Icon: Boating Site] Aspen Boating Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Beach Picnic Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Benham East Picnic Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Benham West Trailhead
[Icon: Picnic Site] Besson Picnic Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Big Eddy Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Black Butte Trailhead
[Icon: Boating Site] Blue Bay Boating Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Cinder Hill Boating Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Crane Prairie Boating Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Crescent Lake Boating Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Cultus Lake Boating Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Cultus Lake Picnic Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Dillon Falls Picnic Site
[Icon: Boating Site] East Lake Boating Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Green Lakes/Soda Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Boating Site] Hosmer Lake Boating Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Hot Springs Boating Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Jack Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Interpretive Site] Lava Butte Interpretive Site
[Icon: Interpretive Site] Lava Cast Forest Interpretive Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Lava Island Boating Site
[Icon: Interpretive Site] Lava Lands Visitor Center Interpretive Site
[Icon: Interpretive Site] Lava River Cave Interpretive Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Little Crater Boating Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Little Crater Picnic Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Meadow Picnic Site
[Icon: Boating Site] North Wickiup Boating Site
[Icon: Interpretive Site] Obsidian Flow Interpretive Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Paulina Falls Picnic Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Paulina Lake Boating Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Paulina Lake Picnic Site
[Icon: Interpretive Site] Paulina Peak Interpretive Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Paulina Peak Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Pole Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Boating Site] Princess Creek Boating Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Quinn River Boating Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Ray Atkeson Trailhead
[Icon: Boating Site] Rock Creek Boating Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Scout Lake Picnic Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Simax Picnic Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Slough Picnic Site
[Icon: Boating Site] South Shore Boating Site
[Icon: Trailhead] South Sister/Devils Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Picnic Site] South Twin Picnic Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Sparks Lake Boating Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Spring Boating Site
[Icon: Boating Site] Sunset Cove Boating Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Sunset View Picnic Site
[Icon: Picnic Site] Suttle Lake Picnic Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Todd Creek Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Todd Lake Trailhead
[Icon: Picnic Site] Tranquil Cove Picnic Site (area is unavailable)
[Icon: Boating Site] Trapper Creek Boating Site
[Icon: Trailhead] Tumalo Falls Trailhead
[Icon: Trailhead] Wickiup Plains Trailhead

Any of the following passes are valid at the above sites:

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