The Promise of Wilderness

The 1964 Wilderness Act is a promise that special places designated as Wilderness will endure for present and future generations. Wilderness is carefully managed to protect its primeval character so that ecosystems remain undeveloped and intact, natural processes unfold without intervention, and humans may visit but not stay.

The opportunity for solitude, personal challenge, and self discovery Wilderness recreation offers comes with the expectation and responsibility for developing the outdoor skills required in a remote, rugged, and primitive setting. In return, spending time in Wilderness reminds us of our deep connection with nature and helps keep our lives and perspectives in balance.

Wildernesses in the Pacific Northwest

Please view the special regulations associated with Wilderness areas and always use Leave No Trace techniques to help keep these areas wild, clean, and pristine.

Oregon Wildernesses by forest

Washington Wildernesses by forest

Wilderness Know Before You Go

Wilderness is the wildest of the wild. It has no roads, no development. A great trip involves planning and preparation to be safe and enjoyable. To ensure that the remarkable resources and values of Wilderness endure, special regulations apply, in addition to general State and National Forest regulations. The Wilderness requires sustained commitment and careful stewardship by the Forest Service, visitors, and the public to insure its remarkable resources and values remain for future generations. Please do your part and take a personal role in preserving this special place.

Wildernss Know Before You Go Handout

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