Fires in the South



Last fall, the skies over the Southern Appalachians filled with smoke. From Alabama to Virginia, the combination of pervasive drought and falling leaves created the perfect storm for wildfires.

The 2016 fire season captured the attention of a public usually mesmerized by western wildfires. One after another, 320 (100+ acre) large fires burned more than 325,000 acres of forestland across the Southeast from October to December, providing a stark reminder that wildfires aren’t bound to a single season or only one part of the country.

Thousands of federal employees, partners and firefighters from across the country helped battle them.

From cities blanketed in smoke to the devastation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, images of fire still linger in people’s minds. Less than six months have passed and already fires are burning in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida. Will this spring’s fire season be as unforgettable as the fall? Will we be prepared? What can you do to help?

Given last year’s fire season and the predictions for spring, we’re sharing five important things you need to know about fire in the South.

We got through this together.

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What happens after the fire? Repair and recovery.

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Stay in the know. Learn where wildfires are most likely to strike this spring.

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Do you live near an area with wildfire potential? You can literally make a difference in your own backyard.

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Enjoying the great outdoors this spring? Remember, only YOU can prevent wildfires.

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Who are we?

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