State Forest Action Plans

Healthy forests don’t happen by chance.

The 176 million acres of forest in the Northeast and Midwest provide clean water, wildlife habitat, recreation, jobs, forest products, and carbon storage.

Every ten years, each state, and the District of Columbia, create a State Forest Action Plan. Individually, the plans provide a state-level snapshot of current forest conditions and outline priorities and strategies.

When looked at as a whole, the 21 state forest action plans of the region create a road map of priorities, where common themes across the plans are identified, helping to guide work and focus resources for the next ten years.

A tree-shaped word cloud image using words such as forest, manage, urban, use, land, public, health.

Word art created using goal, priority, and/or issue statements that serve as the framework for each of the 21 State Forest Action Plans for the Northeast and Midwest.

2022 State Forest Action Plans Report

The 2020 State Forest Action Plans Report provides an overview of all 21 state forest action plans, outlining priorities to ensure healthy trees and forests into the future.

The Landscape Scale Conservation Interactive Web Map provides an interactive way to explore the forests of the region. Here's a list of the Multistate Priorities displayed in the web map.

Common Themes in State Forest Action Plan Strategies

The common themes are important shared goals to focus collaboration over the next 10 years in support of healthy forests for the future. These common themes are all important (not listed by priority) and are highly interconnected.