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We are professionals in the fields of aviation, fire suppression, and the application of fire for resource benefit. We are committed to the training and advancement of our personnel, as they are the future of our organization. We work closely with our counterparts to accomplish mission objectives in a safe and timely manner and are flexible to the changing needs of our customers.

The helitack crew uses helicopters to rapidly transport personnel and cargo to a fire and then remain on-scene to perform a variety of tactical and logistical missions. Today the Forest Service has over 500 helicopters on contract for use in a wide variety of projects and missions. All helicopter operations must adhere to the rigid agency and interagency standards, policies, and safety procedures.

Helicopters can be equipped with a bucket or fixed tank to drop water or retardant during firefighting operations. They deliver helitack crews (firefighting personnel) for initial attack, and transport personnel and cargo in support of fires. Some helitack firefighters are trained to rappel from the helicopter to reach fires in remote locations quickly. Helicopters can also carry instruments to provide infrared imaging or to generate digital maps of wildland fires.

When not assigned to wildland fires, helicopters and their trained personnel may be utilized to ignite prescribed fires, flying with helitorches suspended from the helicopter or dropping spherical ignition devices.

One of the most important services helicopters can provide is the ability to remove injured firefighters from the fireline and deliver them directly to emergency medical facilities.

Join Our Crew

Camraderie, hard work, and excitement are just a few reasons why people want to be a part of the helitack team. Each year we search for a few tough and enthusiastic new crew members that want to be a part of the helitack legacy while helping to forge its future.

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