NNIS - Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Prevention and partnerships are key to managing non-native invasive plants and animals. The following materials are being developed to help Forest Service employees and partners to communicate about non-native invasive species. Most of these products are in draft and suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to use and adapt these tools for local needs.

Fact Sheets

These fact sheets are useful for briefings or providing general information.

  • R9 NNIS Overview
  • R9 NNIS of Lake States National Forests
  • R9 NNIS of New England National Forests
  • R9 NNIS of Southern Tier National Forests
  • R9 NNIS Accomplishments
  • Weeds of the Week - Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry

NNIS Templates

We encourage the use and modification of these NNIS templates for local use. These templates are intended to create quality materials to increase awareness and prevention.

If you create new versions that could be used by others please contact the Eastern Region Non-natve Invasive Species Coordinator.

Training Tools


Learning Kits

Downloadable Video


What's New?

NEW - Cooperative Weed Management Area Training


NEW - Invasive Plants and Reference Guide

An Ecological Perspective of Plant Invaders of Forests and Woodlands [PDF, 88 pages, 2.3MB, 4 inches x 8 inches]


Native Species References for the East

Public Service Announcements

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