Eastern Region FS Talks

Welcome to Forest Service (FS) Talks, an initiative aimed at spreading great ideas and initiating productive conversations across the Eastern Region of the USDA Forest Service – and beyond.


  • Ash Protection Collaborative Across Wabanakik

    In this FS Talks, John Daigle, social scientist and professor of Forest Recreation Management at the University of Maine, along with doctoral students Tyler Everett and Emily Francis, discuss the emerald ash borer and its impact on trees and native communities across New England. Their talk is a fascinating bridge between forest health, and the social and cultural impacts the emerald ash borer has across the northeast. Learn how their research and work is building a community of interest and garnering positive interest and change.

  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Natural Resource Management

    Whether we realize it or not, artificial intelligence—AI—plays a big role in our daily lives. From predictive searches on Google to personalized shopping experiences on websites like Amazon, or music preferences on Spotify based on your playlists, to smart replies in email and text messaging—even drafting this description. AI is everywhere, including forestry.

  • The Frozen World: How It’s Changing and What That Means for the Environment

    The Forest Service’s Eastern Region launched a new speaker series, FS Talks, on January 26, 2022, which pairs an internal expert with one from outside of government to discuss an important issue. Our first FS Talks was about climate change, featuring Forest Service Deputy Director for Sustainability and Climate Dixie Porter and Meghana Ranganathan, a climate scientist and writer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

  • The Packers Way

    Like the Forest Service, the Green Bay Packers have a high standard for service and engage with a diverse and passionate audience. Jennifer Ark, director of stadium services for the Green Bay Packers, explains the Packers Way, the organization’s service standard and the basis for their approach to building positive connections with Packers fans, community members, charitable organizations and beyond.

  • Empowering Women on the Front Line of Conservation

    Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Supervisor Christina Henderson moderates an exciting panel of conservationists – coming to us from Africa. In this edition of FS Talks, learn about Great Plains Foundation’s Female Rangers program, which trains and deploys women from rural communities to mitigate wildlife crime and monitor natural resources in critical areas across Botswana. Two rangers share their experiences about how this unique program has impacted their lives. Introducing us to these rangers and their colleagues, we’re pleased to also be joined by Founders of Great Plains Conservation and Great Plains Foundation, world-renowned wildlife filmmakers and conservationists, and National Geographic Explorers-at-Large Dereck and Beverly Joubert.

  • Civil Rights Sites on National Forest System Lands

    Public Services Supervisor Valencia Morris and Historical Archaeologist Amanda Campbell share how through archaeology and history, they are working to preserve and share the intricate stories of civil rights on public lands. Learn about the fascinating and powerful stories they are uncovering.