Great American Outdoors Act Virtual Sensing Opportunity

The USDA Forest Service is moving forward with implementation of the Great American Outdoors Act, which will enable federal land managers to take aggressive steps to address deferred maintenance and other infrastructure projects on national forests and grasslands through 2025.  

The Forest Service will use these funds to maximize the benefits experienced by millions of Americans who visit and use their national forests. Projects funded by this act will focus on improving conditions on forest and rangelands, reducing wildfire risk, and increasing the resiliency of our nation’s forests for present and future generations.  

The Forest Service is inviting the public to provide feedback on the projects that are under consideration to be prioritized for funding in Fiscal Year 2022. This opportunity is intended to serve only as a virtual listening session via solicitation of public feedback. Feedback provided will become part of the project record. A response to the feedback submitted during this opportunity will not be provided. Projects selected for funding will be compliant with the National Environmental Policy Act. Public notification and engagement on the selected projects will occur as required by regulation.  

The following is a list of proposed projects for the Eastern Region.  Your feedback is requested by Nov. 30, 2020. 

Feedback here: 

**Please note that this project list includes projects submitted for funding consideration under the agency’s National Asset Management Program, which includes funding available under the Capital Improvement and Maintenance and Federal Land Transportation Program. 

Shawnee National Forest, Illinois

0908 One Horse Gap, Tecumseh and Bean Ridge Dam Spillway Rehabilitation DM

Remove brush from primary spillway, trees on the dams, replace primary spillway pipe that is broken, replace riprap in pool areas.


0908 Murphysboro Work and Dispatch Center Security and Building Improvements DM

Natural gas backup generator at IL-ILC, basement interior paint, tile floor, LED light, pole shed rehab include garage doors, insulate, lighting, HVAC to create exercise area, add parking with security fencing


40GAOA 0908 Big Creek Bridge Replacement for Recreation and Private Land Access DM

The project will remove the existing bridge, preserve historic furnace stones in the abutment, realign the approaches and build a new bridge meeting State standards.


0908 Jonesboro, Murphysboro Warehouses, Hidden Springs Office Roof Replacement DM

Replace aging roofs, minor decking repairs, seal chimney flashing, soffit repairs, gutters with guards


0908 Eddyville Work Center Warehouse Rehabilitation DM

Clean, seal the metal roof, replace windows and doors, remodel existing restroom while removing asbestos-containing floor tiles, install tankless hot water heater, replace lights with LED lights, ceiling insulation, upgrade electric panel


0908 Ozark Road #402 Rehabilitation and Paving Recreation and Private Land Access DM

This project will be phased and includes the design, reconstruction and paving of the entire length of the road.


0908 Dwelling Eddyville Jonesboro Improvements DM

Install energy efficient windows, exterior doors, roofs, interior/exterior paint, gutters w/guards, electric repairs. Check feasibility of adding bathroom, bedrooms, emergency exit.


0908 Forest Wide Dam Hazard Classification Analysis, O&M and Emergency Action Plans DM

Once all plans and analysis are completed, forest will develop an action plan for maintenance and repairs on all forest dams with support from the RO Dams Engineer.


0908 Refurbishment of Civilian Conservation Corps-era Structures District Wide DM

2 stone chimneys tuck pointed, stabilized - Camp Cadiz. Stone walls repaired, stabilized in beach area - Pounds Hollow. Stone steps along trail to valley below - Rim Rock.


0908 Shawnee Bridge maintenance and repairs DM

Maintenance and repairs to 8 road bridges. Consisting of brushing; cleaning decks, removing debris from channel; installation, cleaning and repair of approaches, decks and wearing surfaces; misc. work on bridge decks, signs and channel protection.


0908 Jackson Falls Climbing Area Recreation Site Planning, Design, and Construction NEW

Plan, design, conduct NEPA and construct new campground sites, toilets, parking, and road improvement into the area.  Also assess trails in area for reroutes, new spurs, and sections to close.


0908 Road brushing and aggregate Recreation / Management Access and Public Safety DM

This would brush approximately 20 miles of road per year and put down 3500 ton of aggregate to help rebuild the subgrade and surface.


40GAOA 0908 Bell Smith Springs Road and Parking Rehabilitation Recreation Access DM/New Construction

This project will prepare the roads for oil and chip surfacing, add a parking area and reconstruct the campground loop and fix drainage issues.


0908 Glen Street Road Reconstruction Recreation Access DM

Work would be to widen the existing road so vehicles could pass, ditch work and surface restoration would also occur. Most work will occur up to Jackson Falls TH. Surface work and ditching will occur back to a small dispersed campground


40GAOA 0908 Garden of the Gods Recreation Area Road Rehabilitation DM

This project would repave the entire route from the county road up to and through the campground.  The pavement surface will be upgraded from oil and chip to asphalt to withstand the heavy traffic. Other work will replace CMP's, brush, improve shoulders


0908 Wagon Creek Bridge Replacement Recreation and Private Land Access DM

This is a total replacement of the bridge from piles to superstructure and roadway approaches


0908 Leisure City Road Low Water Crossing Replacement Recreation and Private Property Access DM

Replacement of the structure and provide approaches to prevent erosion entering the creek from the road


0908 Cedar Lake Trail Restoration and Enhancement DM

Funding needed for additional design/layout and the re-construction/realignment of a section of the River to River Trail and repairing major deferred maintenance issues on over 14.4 miles of trails (exact locations and mileage to be determined).


0908 Tower Rock Boat Launch and Road Repair Recreation Access and Improvements DM

Replace the boat launch, rehab the parking area and launch road.  The old concrete launch will be replaced with cabled pavers.


0908 Garden of the Gods Wilderness Trail Restoration Recreation Improvement and Resource Protection DM

Project will realign River to River Trail 001E8 out of a creek, switch-back a steep climb to the ridgetop, and armor the new trail. This will be accomplished with a seasonal trail crew and support from multiple partner groups.


0908 Lusk Creek Wilderness Trail Deferred Maintenance DM

Multiphase project to address DM through partner & AmeriCorps volunteer work.  Phases 1 & 2 focus on primary access routes (6.3 mi) from FS trailhead & 3 commercial horse camps and include 287 structures in need of drainage and armoring work.


0908 Johnson Creek Culvert and Guardrail Replacement DM

This project will replace all culvert pipes on the road from the bridge up to the campground.  It will also replace the guardrails along the lake front from the bridge up to the first curve.  Then we will repave the entire road up to the campground.



Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, Illinois


0915 Prairie Environmental Learning Center – New

The PLC will help to address five basic needs: the facility will provide a public group gathering area, require low staffing, be accessible and usable year around, provide historical interpretation, and facilitate natural resource education programs.


0915 Jackson Creek Woods Trail and Overlook New Construction

This project will add over 1 mile of permanent trail within the Jackson Creek watershed.  Trail would be paved to match conditions of the community of Elwood trail system which would connect to this trail.


0915 Bison Overlook Shelters - New

This project will furnish and install (2) pavilion-type shelters at the current east and west bison overlook sites.  Shelters will be open on all four sides with a hip roof.


0915 Welcome Center Remodeling DM

Make public spaces more open and visually appealing and visitor friendly while at the same time providing secure evacuation paths for staff including safe zones behind walls capable of stopping a bullet.


0915 Welcome Center HVAC Upgrades DM

This project would include testing and re-balancing, repairing any faulty equipment, and then installing new sensors and relays needed to allow control from a central processing terminal.


0915 Replace Greenhouse DM

Since operating roof louvers and vents cannot be added to the existing structure, this project removes the existing greenhouse and replaces it with a new greenhouse that incudes operable roof venting.


0915 Wauponsee / Prairie Creek Trail Connection – New

This project will construct a connecting trail leading out of the current trailhead to the network of trails and interim trails on Midewin.  The path of the trail will follow Prairie Creek, Midewin's most prominent water feature.


0915 Midewin Electrical Feed Renovation for Consistent Business Operations DM

This project would raise the fused switchgear a minimum of 5 feet to avoid future flooding.  Because the high voltage cables cannot be spliced and lengthened, new feed cables for 3 phase power must be installed underground for 300' to the tie-in point. 


0915 Turtle Pond Recreation Improvements – New

This project would make the entire site handicap accessible, even at the pond's edge and provide a new trail with picnic benches.


0915 Re-paint trail bridge - Iron Bridge DM

Periodic cleaning and painting of this steel structure is vital to achieving the full design life of the structure.  This project will include sandblasting all rust and re-painting the entire 246' long bridge.


0915 Tram Route for Accessibility and Tours- New

Acquisition of 2 Tram vehicles, construction of suitable roadway on existing road and trail base when possible, and a mix of new construction and bridges.  The route will still be used for hiking, biking, and equestrian use in addition to the trams.


0915 Expand Fire Warehouse - New

This project would add one bay to the existing three bay warehouse.


0915 Fire Warehouse - New

This project will construct a second fire warehouse on Midewin of sufficient size to store and protect all of the required equipment for both fire crews.


0915 Blodgett Trail Interpretive Site – New

A new interpretive site will be constructed to provide an appropriate setting for the statue. Includes grading, drainage, statue base, and trail connection to existing parking.


0915 Grazing Allotment Invasives Treatment

Landscape level and ecosystem maintenance will remove invasive species and woody brush from these allotments thereby increasing the productivity of National Forests and Grasslands. 


40GAOA 0915 Bison Fence Replacement (Southwest) Improving Visitor Safety DM

New steel pipe fencing will be installed to replace the woven wire fence originally installed in 2015.


0915 Bison Restoration Experiment

Funds will be used to collect field data, compile reports, collaborate with partners and peers, and apply fire and herbicide treatments as part of the experiment.


Hoosier National Forest, Indiana


0912 Combs Branch Aquatic Organism Passage DM

This project involves replacing an obsolete, elevated, undersized concrete box culvert with a stream simulation designed AOP.  This structure does not allow fish passage or adequate natural material transfer downstream. 


0912 Callahan Branch and Trib to Tipton Creek Aquatic Organism Passages DM

This project involves replacing a double culvert structure and an undersized culvert with stream simulation designed structures for fish passage and material transport.


0912 Buck Creek Aquatic Organism Passage DM

The project consists of replacing a low-water crossing, that consists of cobble and a small concrete pipe, with a portable bridge.


0912 Holland Toilet/Shower Building Hardin Ridge Recreation Area DM

The building design implements “green” technology and low maintenance materials that will save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and extend building life.


0912 Hardin Ridge Beach Toilet/Shelter-Bath-Campground Improvement DM

The proposal to demolish the current flush toilet, shelter structure, fishing pier and walks.  Construct toilet building & shelter with a design that matches the theme of the rest of HR.  Included, regrading, new walks, outdoor shower, and utilities.


0912 Southern Point Toilet/Shower Building Hardin Ridge Recreation Area DM

The building design implements “green” technology and low maintenance materials that will save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and extend building life.


0912 Indian Lake Rd Paving for Celina and Indian Lake rec areas and timber sales DM

Indian Lake road is the only access to the Celina and Indian Lake recreation areas.  It is also a primary access to the Union Town South Management Unit the contains some our active Timber Sales.


0912 Eads Toilet/Shower Building Hardin Ridge Recreation Area DM

The building design implements “green” technology and low maintenance materials that will save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and extend building life.


0912 Hardin Ridge Shower-Bath-Campground Improvement DM

The building design implements “green” technology and low maintenance materials for toilet and showers that will save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and extend building life.


0912 Hardin Ridge Recreation Area Beach & Eads Bundle 2 DM

The structures include the following: Eads CG toilet/shower building, Beach toilet building, shelter, and accessible fishing platform.


0912 Hemlock Cliffs Trail 112.10 Bridge Trail Improvement DM

Remove/dispose of bridge, new abutments, materials, construction, and aggregate.  Rehab 0.4 miles trail.


40GAOA 0912 East Bass Pond Section of Cope Hollow Trail 405.20 Trail Improvement DM

3700 ft trail re-route & 600 ft. of new turnpike to mitigate resource damage & ensure
user safety. Helicopter transport of 125 tons gravel/materials to drop point in
Wilderness. Half of the materials (additional 125 tons) have already been transported.


0912 Lick Creek Trail 203.10 Trail Improvement DM

1.6 miles of heavy maintenance - rolling dips, heavy tread maintenance, placement of
aggregate.  Will improve water diversion and make trail more sustainable as well as safer.


0912 Mogan Ridge Trail 104.20, Oriole West trail 110.10, and Youngs Creek trail 202.10 Trail Improvement DM

2.1 miles maintenance for 3 trails. Install rolling dips, heavy tread maintenance & aggregate placement.


0912 Celina and German Ridge Buildings Historic Structure Rehab and Stabilization-DM

Rickenbaugh House - drywall on second story, repair of eves and facia boards on exterior, replacement of rotted siding.  German Ridge - structures are deteriorating and need roof repair, sill log replacement, masonry repairs, wood treat for insects, etc.


0912 Bedford Co-located SO/Brownstown RD

Constructing a FS Admin Site that co-locates the BTRD/FS Office, (and verbal commitment for) NRCS & FSA on NFS land for a OneUSDA Service Center.


0912 Tell City Boat Launch Improvement DM

Contract work will include placing of gravel fill material along the sides and end of the boat ramps and fill in between the concrete planks that make up the boat launches. Repair cracks in concrete planks.


0912 Hickory Ridge Trail 16 401.160 Trail Improvement DM

Re-route 1.4 miles of trail to sustainable location, including the section swallowed by the creek during the storms. Install erosion control/drainage structures, placement of rock and aggregate, decommissioning the closed section.


40GAOA 0912 Springs Valley Recreation Area Dam Improvement DM

The dam requires riprap reinforcement on the dam face and outlet pool to protect the structure from wave action of the lake and the high-volume flow of the outlet pipe. A horse trail across the dam also needs maintenance.


0912 FR1122.00 Tipsaw-Main Road/Dump Station/Buzzards Roost Road-Reconstruction Campground Access DM

FR1122.00 reconstruction to include pavement overly of main road, boat ramp, beach parking lot and dump station.  FR1165.030 reconstruction to incl. pulverizing the asphalt, road template restoration and surface graveled 80%, pavement 20% near camp sites.


Huron-Manistee National Forest, Michigan


0904 Lake Michigan Recreation Area Access Improvements-Timber & Recreation Site Access-DM

This project will reconstruct 27 FS roads & 4 county roads within LMRA, including drainage upgrades & surface improvements as well as pavement preservation & new signage.  Mason County has invested over $900k toward road improvements in this area.


0904 FR5134-Skiberian Road Reconstruction-Campground and Trail Access-DM

Project includes 3.1 miles of tree clearing, aggregate base widening, Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) surfacing, aggregate shoulders, drainage improvements, culvert upgrades, intersection improvements, pavement markings, and signing upgrades.


40GAOA 0904 FR4581 Whirlpool Road Reconstruction to Improve Recreation Site Access-DM

Project is for a full reconstruction of Whirlpool Road, which will include clearing, roadway widening, drainage improvements, and hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavement along entire length. 


0904 Olga Lake Area Roadway Reconstruction-Timber Access-DM

HMNF will partner with two counties to reconstruct the collector roads within this EA Boundary, including drainage improvements, intersection upgrades, and aggregate placement on 21 roads in preparation for critical timber and fire projects.


0904 Cadillac/Manistee Ranger District Warehouse and Fire Facility Improvements-DM/New Construction

Restore the exterior of the historic facilities, remove the current fire mod building & replace with a new fire warehouse. Complete the interior of the cone shed building.


0904 AuSable North Area Roadway Reconstruction-Timber, Fire & Recreation Access-DM

HMNF will partner with two counties to reconstruct the collector roads within this EA Boundary, including drainage improvements, intersection upgrades, and aggregate placement in preparation for critical timber and fire projects.


0904 Historic Udell Fire Tower Relocation & Restoration-Public Interpretive Site-DM

This project will restore and relocate the historic Fire Tower to the historic Chittenden Nursery site (home of the Cadillac/Manistee Ranger Station).  The tower is currently in a remote location, subject to vandalism & inaccessible to the public.


40GAOA 0904 Historic Iargo Springs Interpretive Site-Stair and Boardwalk Renovation-Recreation Access-DM

This project involves replacing failing stairs, boardwalks, overlooks and site amenities with a more sustainable design. Project intent is to upgrade the site to improve safety and mitigate resource damage, while preserving the historic nature of the site


0904 4001 Canoe Landing Access (FR4928)-Road and Parking Lot Resurfacing-Recreation Site/Boat Launch Access Improvements-NC

Phase 1 of the project has been completed and include road, parking, and launch improvements.  Phase 2 of the project is to pave the new access road and parking lot.  This will improve user access and reduce sediment erosion into the river.


40GAOA 0904 Round Lake Recreation Area Campground & Kneff Lake Recreation Area Safety Improvements-DM

Project will remove the failing retaining walls at both sites and restore with a more natural and sustainable solution. The project will also include water/wastewater improvements and safety repairs to the stairs at Kneff Lake.


0904 Lower Branch Bridge Carry-In Access Relocation-Improved Accessible River Access – New

The new launch location would improve accessibility on the Pere Marquette River, allow adequate parking at this popular launch location, include vault toilet facilities, and improve signage and trail access to the river.


0904 Mio RD AuSable WSR Campground Improvements-Recreation Access & User Experience-DM

Campsite improvements include animal resistant trash containers, interpretive signage, accessible fire rings, picnic tables, and vault toilets.  Per user requests, repurpose sites to accommodate larger groups and long distance reservable river trips.


0904 Huron Shores Motorized Mixed Use Trail (H-7/Alcona Trail, West Branch SM Bridge, McGlus Dam) Improvements-DM

Reconstruction and drainage improvements along the mixed-use trail, as well as critical repairs to the dam, culvert, and trail bridge that have serious erosion issues as a result of high water caused by heavy beaver activity.


Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan


0910 Hiawatha Supervisors Office Collocation – New

The Forest will add approximately 15,000 sq. ft. of office space onto the existing Rapid River Ranger District office. We have been investing in the Rapid River compound in anticipation of Manistique conveyance and SO move.  


0910 Munising Office and Compound Renovation DM

Update bunkhouses to properly accommodate seasonal housing, repair deficiencies in warehouse and update warehouse to fit current fire engines.  Accomplish deferred maintenance and address ABA access issues in office.


0910 Autrain Boat Launch Renovation DM

Redesign and construct a new launch ramp, pave parking lot. 


0910 West Zone HIF Campground Repaving DM

Repave three high use campgrounds.


0910 Rapid River Office Renovation DM

All deferred maintenance items, paving the parking lot and mitigating accessibility issues.


40GAOA 0910 Grand Island National Recreation Area Rehabilitation DM

Projects include trail bridge replacement, beach access facilities (stairways), facility renovation and erosion control. The Island's remote nature increases cost and complexity of bridge and facility work.


0910 Carp River Bridge on FR 3458 Replacement DM

Remove and replace a decayed timber bridge to improve access to timber lands.


0910 St. Ignace Office and Compound Maintenance DM

Projects include window replacement, parking lot repair, A/C work, siding repair, garage door work, and sewage station replacement. 


0910 Lake Michigan dwelling (Bunkhouse) renovation DM

Repair Furnace, Windows and provide accessibility upgrades.


0910 Pt. Aux Chenes/Brevoort River Bridge Replacements DM

Design and replace two timber bridges, one 68 years old and one 56 years old.


0910 US-2 Top of the Lake Byway Recreation Area Vitalization DM

Renovate restrooms, water system, boat launch, fishing pier, Day use and parking area.


0910 East Zone Recreation Parking Area Renovations DM

Seal coat, repair cracks and stripe


0910 Raco North Warehouse Renovations DM

Work on windows, water heater, bathrooms, electrical, accessibility, lighting, heat, and exterior.


0910 Naomikong and Black Creek Bridge Repairs DM

Naomikong Bridge is a 42.6' long treated timber bridge.  Black Creek Bridge is a 54.4' long steel stringer with concrete deck structure. 


0910 Beaver Creek and Roxbury Creek bridge replacement DM

Beaver Creek Bridge is a sawn timber 19' long, and Roxbury Creek Bridge is a sawn timber 24.2' long.  Project consists of design and replacement.


0910 Clear Lake Education Center renovation DM

This project addresses all deferred maintenance items that have developed over many years. There are many small items that require attention. 


0910 North Country Trail Bridge Replacements (Taylor Creek and NB Carp River) DM

Install bridges on the North Country Trail


Ottawa National Forest, Michigan


0907 C&M Fleet Shop Floor Drainage Repair to Resolve Health and Safety Violations DM

Retrofit/Replace existing concrete floor at the C&M shop building.  Could include Oil/Water separator, holding tanks, garage door adjustments, and apron removal/replacement.


0907 Kenton District Office & Warehouse Siding Replacement DM

Project involves siding the Kenton Ranger District administration building and warehouse with a low/zero maintenance and climate efficient product.  Includes abatement of lead impregnated wood siding.


0907 Kenton District Administrative Site Parking Lot Repaving and Drainage DM

Rehabilitate existing paved parking lot at the Kenton Ranger District administration building.  Includes asphalt removal, HMA replacement, striping, and signage.


0907 JW Toumey Nursery Facilities Reconstruction for R9 Reforestation Stock Increases and Seed Cache Security DM

Redevelop site configuration to support modern nursery operations and equipment, address federal violations, improve worker safety, and integrate renewable energy sources, incl. building and road replacement.


0907 FR 400 and FR 630 Road Rehab for Aquatic Organism Passage & Watershed Improvement and Access to Timber Sales, North Country and State Pioneer Trails, and Private Lands DM

Completes remaining rehab of 1.5 miles of FR630 and 4 miles of FR400 include aggregate placement, re-ditching, and non-AOP culvert replacement. 


0907 FR 866 and FR 866L Spring Creek Area Reconstruction for Watershed Improvement and Access to Timber Sales and Private In-holdings DM

Reconstruct existing clay roads FR 866 & 866L including geogrid, subbase and aggregate Ditching, culverts, and row clearing will also be necessary in order to stabilize road for sustained access and watershed protection.


0907 Clark Lake Campground Water System Replacement DM

Replace existing Campground Water System with new hydropneumatic pressure tanks and water system piping within new wellhouse.  Abandons two wells.


0907 Campground Road Repaving to address Safety Hazards at Lake Ottawa and Black River DM

Project will involve the pulverizing, paving, electrical hook-ups, and water line repairs throughout the campground road system. Will improve rideability and drainage of road providing a safer mode of transport for the public users.


0907 Marina Dock Replacement at Black River Harbor to address critical Safety Issues and Improve Access between Lake Superior and the Black River Recreation Area DM

Update design and construct remaining 950 LF of concrete and wood marine dock structures.  Construction on Phase 1A (168 LF) is almost completed. Recovery of hillside cannot take place until after Phase 1B is complete to allow access.


0907 FR 1470 Road Rehab Phase II for Improved Access to North Country Trail and Recreation Sites, Active Management Areas, and Private Lands DM

Rehab FR 1470, OML 3 road, by replacing aggregate to re-establish the road crown and improve drainage by replacing 3 culverts and re-ditching. Culvert upsizing is not necessary.


0907 FR 1700 Road Rehabilitation for Access to Prickett Active Management Area DM

Rehab 4 miles of FR 1700, OML 3, road, re-establish road crown with aggregate, re-ditching and replace 36 culverts.


0907 FR 2130 Road Rehabilitation for Access to Perch Lake Recreation Complex, Timber Sales, and for Permittees DM

Rehab 2.5 miles of FR2130, OML 4 road. Reestablish road crown with aggregate, re-ditch and replace 10 culverts.


0907 FR 2200 Clear Creek Road Reconstruction for Access to Tribal Resources, GNA Timber Sales, and Recreation Areas including North Country Trail DM

Reconstruction work on FR 2200, Clear Creek Road. Replace 11 culverts, re-ditch and replace crown aggregate for reshaping.


0907 FR 3218 Road Rehabilitation for Access to Cook's Run Hunter Walk Trail Complex, DNR Grouse Enhancement Management Site and Drumloid Active Management Area DM

Rehab 4.5 miles of FR 3218 to reshape crown by replacing aggregate and improve drainage by replacing 21 culverts and re-ditching.  No gravel remains for grading and grown in ditches and plugged culverts hinder adequate road drainage. 


0907 FR 3470 Goldmine Road Rehabilitation for Access to State GEMS, Recreation Areas, and Timber Sales DM

Rehab FR 3470 by re-establishing crown through aggregate replacement and improve drainage by re-ditching and replacing 8 culverts.


0907 FR 3610 and FR 3612 Road Rehabilitation for Access to Tepee Lake Active Management Area and Recreation DM

Rehab 3.5 miles of FR 3610 and 3.2 miles of FR 3612, reshape road crown with aggregate replacement, re-ditch and replace 36 culverts.


0907 FR 4500 Road Rehab for Access to Tepee Lake Active Management and Recreation Areas DM

FR 4500 will be rehabbed to include aggregate and culvert replacement and re-ditching.  Two culverts will be upsized for flood resiliency and to clear stream widths. 


0907 FR 8300 Redboat Road Rehabilitation for Watershed Improvement and Access to Recreation and Permittees DM

Rehab FR 8300 road. Place aggregate, re-ditching, replace 24 culverts. Support Essential Project #2 in the Watershed Restoration Action Plan for West Branch of the Presque Isle Watershed.


0907 FR 210 Jack Spur Road Rehabilitation for Access to DNR Snowmobile Trails and Bergland Presque Isle Active Management Area DM

Rehab FR 210. Re-establish road crown by replacing aggregate and improve road drainage by re-ditching and replacing 12 culverts.


0907 FR 850 Road Rehabilitation for Access to the North Country National Scenic Trail, O Kun De Kun Falls, and Private Lands DM

FR 850 rehab will re-establish the road surface by re-placing the aggregate on a greasy, clay road.  Improve road drainage by re-ditching and replacing 12 culverts to protect the road subbase.


0907 FR 2180 Blockhouse Road Rehabilitation for Access to North Br.Paint Wild and Scenic River Recreation, Permittee, and Active Management Areas DM

Rehab 3.5 miles of FR 2180, Blockhouse Road, to include re-establishing the crown by replacement of aggregate and improving drainage by re-ditching and replacing 19 culverts. There is no longer gravel to properly grade the road.


0907 FR 3978 Imp Lake Road Rehabilitation for Access to Imp Lake Recreation Complex and Sun Lake Active Management Area DM

Rehab FR 3978 by reshaping road crown with aggregate replacement and improve drainage by re-ditching and replacing 9 culverts. re-engineer segment of US 2 to address repeated road failures and poor drainage.


0907 FR 4580 Golden Glow Road Rehabilitation for Improved Recreation Access and Active Management DM

FR 4580 Road Reconstruction will establish ditching, placement of additional cross drains, and replacement of aggregate for road drainage to avoid compromising road base on 4.8 miles of road.


0907 FR 6950 Hunting Camp Road Rehabilitation Final Phase for Access to Outfitter Guide Permit Areas DM

Project will complete final phase of FR 6950, OML 2 road, rehab, replacing aggregate and culverts as well as re-ditching to re-establish good road drainage and adequate surface for travel and grading.  Road was previously undrivable.


0907 FR 8100 Road Rehabilitation for Watershed Improvement and Access to Marenisco Cluster of Recreation Opportunities and Active Management Areas DM

Rehab FR 8100, OML 4, re-crown with aggregate 8.9 miles road replace 7 culverts, re-ditching as part of the W.Br. Presque Isle Watershed Restoration Action Plan.


0907 FR 8170 Road Rehabilitation for Improved Access to Active Management and Private Lands DM

Rehab 6.9 miles of FR 8170. Rebuild crown with aggregate, replace culverts and re-ditch.


0907 FR 2400 Road Rehabilitation for Access to Camp Nesbit Facility DM

Rehab 4 miles of FR 2400 by replacing aggregate to re-establish the crown, replace 18 culverts, and re-ditch.  Lack of gravel makes it difficult to grade properly so that school buses and large passenger vans can drive it safely.


0907 FR 3340 and FR 3346 Mallard Lake Road Reconstruction for Access to Tribal Resources, Semi Primitive Nonmotorized and other Recreation Areas, and Outfitter Guide Areas DM

Rehab FR 3340 and reconstruct FR 3346 to re-establishing adequate drainage by (re)ditching and replacing 37 culverts. In addition, the road crowns for both will be re-established through aggregate placement.


0907 FR 4700 for Access to DNR Snowmobile Trails and Active Management Areas DM

Rehab FR 4700 by re-placing aggregate.  Re-establish road drainage by re-ditching and replacing 13 culverts.  There is little gravel left to grade and poor drainage are deteriorating the road condition.


0907 FR 5086 Road Rehabilitation and Culvert Replacement at Matheson Creek for Aquatic Organism Passage, Watershed Improvement, and Access to Active Management Timber Stands and Tribal Resources DM

Rehab FR 5086 by re-placing aggregate, reditching, and replacing 21 culverts in-kind.  Replace culvert at Matheson Creek with larger structure, designed for stream simulation, to improve aquatic organism passage.


0907 FR 5250 Interior Road Rehabilitation for Access to Interior Cemetery, Recreation. GNA Timber Sales and Active Management Areas DM

Rehab FR 5250 to re-establish road crown by re-placing aggregate.  Replace 14 culverts and re-ditch to re-establish proper drainage.  Plugged culverts, poor drainage, and lack of gravel for grading are leading to deterioration of the road.


0907 FR 8640 Road Rehabilitation for Access to Active Management Areas DM

Rehab FR 8640 to restore proper drainage by re-ditching and replacing 39 culverts.  Reshape road crown by re-placing aggregate to ensure protection of subbase and improved driving surface.


0907 Bridge Replacements Group 1- S Br Paint River 3470-2.991, S.Br.Paint River 3270-1.564, and Bush Creek 3350-6.757 for Access to Drumloid Active Management Area and DNR Motorized Recreation DM

Replace two steel and concrete bridges (50' and 51') over the S Br Paint River and one 44' concrete bridge over Bush Creek with new timber bridges built to handle the HL-93 Modified Michigan Legal Log Loads for economic haul.


0907 Bridge Replacements Group 2-Cisco Br Ontonogan River 6930-1.722 and M Br Ontonagon River 5250-4.46 for Safety Issues DM

Replace 51' Cisco Br. Ontonagon concrete bridge and 51' M.Br.Ontonagon River timber bridge both with a timber bridge capable of carrying HL-93 Michigan Modified Legal Log Loads.


0907 Forest Road 1100 Culvert Replacement at Laveque and Tributary to Skoglund for Aquatic Organism Passage and Watershed Improvement DM

Replace existing 55’ long 8.9’ x 6.0’ arch pipe with larger culvert to accommodate a minimum 7.4' depth and 15.9’ bankfull width and stream simulation for improved aquatic organism passage and flood resiliency of the road.


0907 FR 2270, FR 2276, Bridge 2270-3.459, and Bridge 2276-1 Road and Bridge Rehab to Improve Access Silver Mountain Recreation Special Interest Area DM

Improve visitor access to Silver Mountain area by rehabbing 10.3 miles of FR2270 and 1 mile of FR2276 by replacing aggregate, 21 culverts, and reditching.  Conduct minor repairs to both concrete bridges to resolve condition issues. Roads are in tandem.


0907 Boat Landing Improvements Group 1

Replace deteriorating boat landing planks, reconstruct pull throughs to accommodate pickup trucks pulling boats on trailers, and resurface and ditch parking area to reduce sedimentation into lakes.


0907 Forest-wide Campground Rehabilitation of Roads and Minor Features for Improved Visitor Experience Phases 1-IV DM

Improve Visitor Experience by replacing aggregate on roads, rehabbing camping spurs, replacing traffic barriers, signs, and kiosks, and other minor features, eliminating recreation site deferred maintenance.


0907 Black River Waterfall Complex Platforms and Stair Replacement for Visitor Safety and Access DM

Replace stairs, decks, and viewing platforms that have rotted and moved over time addressing critical safety issues and re-open closed sections.  Rehab parking areas to host the hundreds of thousands that visit each year.


0907 Boat Landing Trailered Boat Access Improvements Group 2 at Eel, Henry, Langford, and Moosehead Lakes DM

Rehab existing parking area by replacing aggregate, re-establishing good drainage, and improving the turning radius for a vehicle pulling a trailered boat.  Replace/repair boat landing planks and place riprap.


0907 Trail Complex Rehabilitation Phase II with Boardwalk Replacement for Watershed Impacts and Improved Visitor Access

No description given.


0907 Trails Rehabilitation Complex 2 for Improved Visitor Access

Rehab work over 48.2 miles of trail. Replace boardwalk, foot logs, and erosion control structures. Conduct treadwork, heavy brushing and clearing.


0907 Historic Civilian Conservation Corps Recreation Buildings Rehab for Improved Visitor Experience at Clark Lake, Lake Ottawa, and Norway Lake Campgrounds DM

Repair/replace roofs, windows, doors, and wood portions of size buildings with Michigan Youth Works crews.  Tuckpoint chimneys and foundational rock work.  Replace interior finishes damaged by water in the Lake Ottawa Pavilion.


0907 Forest-wide Hunter Walking Trails and Trailhead Rehab Group 1 for Improved Access to Enhanced Bird Habitat with DNR Ruffed Grouse Society and American Bird Conservancy DM

Rehab up to 20 miles of trail and 12 trailhead/parking areas with Ruffed Grouse Society as part of the landscape Hunter Walking Trail Stewardship Project being conducted under GLRI.


Chippewa National Forest, Minnesota


0903 Norway Beach Recreation Area Improvement DM

The proposed project includes improvements to the campgrounds - modernizing campsites to meet current standards, providing upgraded electrical infrastructure, improving the water supply system, and replacing outdated toilet shower buildings.


0903 Camp Rabideau Upgrade and Maintenance DM

The project will include repainting all the buildings at the site & completing improvements in two buildings (kitchen/mess hall and barracks). The restoration of the site was an ARRA project, so there is substantial FS investment at Camp Rabideau.


0903 Maintenance for Multiple Historic Interpretive Sites, including a Civilian Conservation Corps Chalet DM

Project includes replacing roofs, painting, staining and minor repairs at three historic structures and new interpretive signs at one site.


0903 Laurentian Divide Wayside Area Rehabilitation DM

The project will reroof the picnic shelter, stain the shelter and kiosk, and repair the stone retaining wall. Stone wall repair will replace stones, repoint mortar, and seal the wall.


0903 Upgrade Onegume and Stony Point Campground Electric Service DM

The project will provide upgraded electrical infrastructure to CNF campgrounds. The campgrounds no longer meet the needs of today’s RV camper. The project will replace 30-amp service with 50-amp electrical service.


0903 Stony Point Campground Improvements DM

The pumphouse and fee boards at the campground need to be replaced. Some painting and other minor maintenance are also required.


0903 Blackduck Ranger District Condemned Warehouse Replacement - DM

Decommission the 4 existing warehouse and storage buildings. Replace with a new warehouse to accommodate current needs for the district staff.


0903 Bear Brooke Bridge Aquatic Organism Passage - DM

The project will involve removal of the existing CMP and wood box culvert and replace it with a new bridge.  Forest #4 priority project.


0903 Chippewa Supervisor's Office Log Building Rehabilitation – DM

The 90-year old 3-story log structure is in dire need of a major renovation. As historic log structures of this kind are not common, this work is expensive and has proven cost-prohibitive with typical allocated funding sources.


0903 Deer River Ranger District Parking Lot and Sidewalk Reconstruction – DM

The project will involve removal of the existing failed asphalt, excavation of the poor foundation soils, fill with well-drained granular material, and new pavement of the parking lots.


0903 North Country Trail Anway Trail Bridge Replacement DM

Replace bridge


0903 Batson Lake 2182-4.16, Batson Lake 2182-4.27 and the Swamp Creek 2236-2.91 Road Bridge Replacement DM

Replace (3) road bridges: Batson Lake 2182-4.16, Batson Lake 2182-4.27 and the Swamp Creek 2236-2.91 road bridges. LAT/LONG: Swamp Creek 2236-2.91 (47.591767, -94.505844)


0903 M50 Trail Bridge Replacement DM

Replace-Rehab existing 50 ft x 10 ft steel truss timber deck trail bridge.


0903 Long Lake Creek Bridge Replacement – DM

Replacement of the existing single lane timber bridge with a new double lane timber bridge to eliminate the safety hazards associated with a single lane bridge on a ML 4 road, as well as address the structural issues with the existing bridge. 


0903 High Priority Snowmobile Trail Crossing Replacements – DM

Acquisition would be design-build to address serious safety, structural, accessibility and environmental concerns.


Superior National Forest, Minnesota


0909 West Zone Rec/Timber/Fire Road Reconstruction - DM

Road reconstruction. Replace culverts, reconstruct ditches, restore road crown and drainage, place 6" aggregate surfacing, replace/improve AOP structures


0909 Forest Road 425 North Branch Whiteface River Bridge Replacement DM

Whole bridge replacement with single lane single span bridge.


0909 FR170 Cascade River Bridge DM

Replace two pipe arches with a single span bridge.


0909 Sand Lake Guard Station Restoration and Conversion DM

The project will address structural failure of the historic warehouse, repair and repaint building exteriors, and convert the office to storage to allow for consolidation and reduction of storage facilities after the completion of the project.


0909 Seagull Guard Station Fire Quarters Replacement -DM/Compliance

The project would replace the existing two cabins with a single dorm type structure that would meet handbook, accessibility, and sustainability requirements. There is no feasible alternative to complete replacement.


0909 Minnesota Interagency Fire Center Roof Replacement DM

Replace existing leaky roof.


0909 Ranger Office Parking Lot Asphalt Repair DM

Replace asphalt pavement at 4 District Offices, seal and stripe the pavement at the other. Individual projects have been cost prohibitive due their small size and location. By bundling projects, we hope to realize a lower cost.


0909 Superior National Forest Supervisor's Office New

The FS and the City of Duluth are considering partnering on construction of a CLT-built SO as a demonstration project to house multi-level gov't staff. Project would demonstrate CLT-construction and strive to draw a manufacturer to Duluth.


0909 Snowmobile Trail Bridge Replacements DM

Replace all 3 bridges with bridges meeting current trail and groomer standards.


0909 Superior Hiking Trail Bridges Repair/Replace DM

Repair/replace 7 SHT bridges. Some need abutment repair and protection, some need to be replaced. SHTA is a great partner and will do much of the work and provide some funding.


0909- North Country Trail- Superior Hiking Trail Reroutes Lutsen and Poplar River Area (Superior National Forest Trails Priority Area) -DM

Two Three Phase projects- FY 22 Scouting and NEPA data gathering FY 23- NEPA- FY 24 construction.   NPS-NCT, NCTA, SHTA- all support these projects. 


0909 FR336 Onion River Road Resurfacing Improving Recreation Site Access DM

Restore ditching, remove rocks in the travel way, add a 6" lift of road aggregate on the ML4 section and 3" on the ML 3 section. CaCL would also be applied to prevent future wash boarding.


0909 FR326 Brule Lake Road Reconstruction Improving Access to Boundary Waters Canoe Area DM

Project will restore ditches on both sides of the road, reshape the road prism, add a gravel lift, and apply CaCl binder.


0909 FR140 Road Reconstruction for Recreation and Timber Access DM

Resurface and improve drainage on 4.1 miles of Forest Road 140. Clean ditches and restore crown to improve drainage. Add a 6" lift of aggregate and a CaCl treatment to maintain binder on the road.


0909 FR325 South Brule Road Reconstruction for Recreation and Timber Access -DM

Resurface and improve drainage on 6.0 miles of Forest Road 325. Road needs ditches cleaned and crown restored to improve drainage. Restore turnouts. Road is difficult to maintain due to limited gravel available for grading.


0909 FR166 600 Road Reconstruction Forest Access -DM

Resurface and improve drainage on 3.1 miles of FR166.  Road needs ditches cleaned and crown restored to improve drainage. Add 6" lift of gravel.


0909 FR354 Kawishiwi Lake Road Reconstruction Recreation Access -DM

Resurface and improve drainage on 5.8 miles of Forest Road 326.  Road needs ditches cleaned and crown restored to improve drainage.  Replace culverts in the road and add a 6" gravel lift.


0909 FR164 Honeymoon Trail Reconstruction Recreation Access -DM

Resurface and improve drainage on 9.8 miles of Forest Road 164.  Road needs ditches cleaned, culverts replaced and crown restored to improve drainage. 6" aggregate lift will be added and CaCl treatment.


0909 Laurentian Cadotte and Pfeiffer Campgrounds Rehabilitation DM

Replace aging picnic tables and fire grates at Cadotte Lake and Pfeiffer Campgrounds


0909 East Zone Dock and Campground Stairway Replacements DM

Replace stairway to the Temperance River in Oxbow Campground and replace 6 failing docks in Rustic Campground Boat Sites


0909 East Zone Campground Bear Proof Dumpsters DM

Replace and upgrade 11 bear resistant dumpsters.


0909 Fenske Lake Campground Site Repairs -DM

Project will reconstruct campground, boat launch road and all camping pads including a 6" lift of gravel. Replace undersized solar well with electric, water plumbed to host site. Reconstruct paved path to lake. Restore historic pavilion.


0909 South Kawishi and Birch Lake Campgrounds Developed Recreation Repairs -DM

Provide 4 " gravel lift and reconstruction of campground loops and pads. Replace campground culverts. Remove old well, construct new wellhouse at good well at S.Kaw. Install holding tanks for host sites. Replace required minor rec items at both campgrounds.


0909 Fall Lake Campground Pavement Maintenance and Developed Recreation DM

The project will mill and overlay the asphalt boat access and associated parking lot. The remainder of the campground roads will be crack sealed and seal coated. Project will also replace historic informational signs and displays.


0909 FR118 North Branch Whiteface Bridge Replacement - DM

Remove deck, repaint girders requiring lead abatement, replace concrete deck. The superstructure and substructure are good, there is no need for H&H, additional survey, or geotechnical evaluation.


0909 Wilderness Trails Rehabilitation (Superior Priority Trail Priority Area) DM

East Bearskin Lake to Moon Lake replace stairway.  The Eagle Mountain and Missing Link Lake to Tuscarora Lake replace boardwalks. Duncan Lake to Rose Lake replace stairways.


0909 Pincushion Mountain Trails (Superior Trail Priority Area) DM

Replace 17 culverts, replace two culverts with new bridges, and repair 8 bridges.


0909 Oberg Mountain Trail Rehabilitation (Superior Trail Priority Area)- DM

Replace failing steps with rock checks and water bars, etc.  The entire trail needs the tread raised and rebuilt along with drainage improvements.


0909 Kawishiwi Trails Rehabilitation (Superior Trails Priority Area)-DM

Rehab boardwalks, culverts, docks, stumps and fixing tread. Replace 8 interpretive signs at St Croix Logging Camp 50905


0909 Rehabilitate Wetland Damage Snowmobile Trail Repair (Superior Trail Priority Area) -DM

LAU- repair rutting and trail damage in wetlands. Install gates and repair wetlands. GUN- users placed fill in wetland, moving a culvert, and channelizing a stream.  Project would remove fill and restore stream course.


0909 West Zone Trails (Superior Trail Priority Area)-DM

Complete resurface and drainage repair on 61052, 61217, 60249A.  Boardwalk Replacement 11193, 10044A, 60244, Update signage 10284, and 10109A-M.  Replace Lillian Lake Shelter 68157. 


0909 Wolf Island Recreation Cabin Stabilization DM

Replacing roof and some log maintenance. Replace/upgrade water and electric services.


0909 East Zone Combined Recreation Access Road Reconstruction- DM

Roads will have ditches cleaned and crowns restored. Culverts would be replaced and rocks would be removed from the travel way. 6" aggregate lift placed on ML4 sections and 3" on ML3. CaCl would also be applied to prevent wash boarding.


0909 FR 170 Cascade River Culvert Improvement for Aquatic Organism Passage DM

Replace the double pipe arch culverts with a clear span bridge. This will restore AOP in the Cascade river and allow this road to continue to serve as a primary connector road for the long-term future.


0909 Sturgeon River Trail Bridge #3 Replacement DM

Replace pedestrian bridge and bridge approaches for Sturgeon River Trail.


0909 Multiple Trails Deferred Maintenance and Rehabilitation-DM

1.6 mi Dry Lake, .5 Old Baldy, 6.3 Omaday Lake, .25 Tincan to Horse, .43 Tin Can to Sand Pit, .66 Thomas to Cacabic, .0366 Pincushion WH, 2.44 Pincushion NA, 4.012 Magnetic Rock, .04 Flying Lake Gotter Lake, .24 Rose Duncan, 2.2 Deepwater Lake.  


0909 Forest-wide Developed Recreation Site Deferred Maintenance

Location Secrete Blackstone, Snowbank Landing, South Kawishiwi, Fenske Lake, Birch Lake, Fall Lake, Prairie Portage, Echo Lake, Lake Jeanette, Pfeiffer Lake, Cascade River, MacDougal, Baker Lake, Little Isabella, Magnetic Rock.


0909 Minnesota Interagency Fire Center Security Upgrade- Fire Administrative and Other Improvement

Construct a new entrance to the building to separate visitors from full building access. Upgrade existing security system install security lighting.


0909 Minnesota Interagency Fire Center Small Engine Repair Shop Expansion- Fire, Administrative and Other

The project will double the size of the small engine shop inside the existing Cache building. The shop will have exhaust fume removal systems, workbenches, and 2nd level storage above. Expansion will triple repair capabilities.


0909 Minnesota Interagency Fire Center Hose Cleaning and Drying Station Construction

Construct a new outdoor hose cleaning area with running water, and new outdoor hose drying area. Project will remain on compound and modify fence to maintain security.


0909 Recreation Canoe Sites East Zone and Harriet Lake Rustic Campground-DM

Harriett Lake 6 site campground.  Funding needed for NEPA and site plan for the campground to mitigate the resource damage occurring but to also create a long-term plan that considers the future needs and potential development site. 


0909 Crescent Lake and Devils Track Campground - Planning

Solar systems need regular maintenance due to the high use in the campgrounds. Systems are undersized due to a lack of sunlight and high use. Bringing in power would provide reliable power and eliminate the need replacement of panels and batteries.


0909 Whiteface Campground Reconstruction and Modernization

Campground Future needs planning and implementation and implementation


Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri


0905 Multiple Administrative Site HVAC Improvements-DM

Evaluate all HVAC systems at each administrative site to develop plan to replace with more energy efficient and reliable units.  Eliminate hot and cold spots, improve ventilation, and right-size systems in buildings where employees regularly work.


0905 Potosi Fredericktown Office Consolidation and Parking Improvements-DM

Consolidated office improvements include health and safety, workspace inefficiencies, accessibility, workplace environment and storage and filing needs of the district staff and equipment.


0905 Ava Administrative Site-DM

Provide a modern admin site that meets current and projected staffing, fleet, and equipment needs, that is sustainable, meets ADA, is secure, and meets building codes.  Modify previous TST designs for admin site to suit forest.


0905 Mark Twain Multiple Administrative Site Road and Parking Resurfacing-DM

Remove vegetation, repair cracks, overlay 2-4” asphalt and stripe all office admin site road and parking areas.


0905 Council Bluff Campground Electrification and Drinking Water System -New

Renovation of campground to include installation of electrical hookups to 46 campsites and adding one drinking water system (well) at popular Council Bluff Recreation Area. Each campsite will be equipped with a 50-amp RV pedestal.


0905 Multiple Campground Host Sites Improvements-DM

Assess, design, and construct necessary utility hook-ups at campground host sites for multiple campgrounds for campground hosts.


0905 Willhite Road Stream Crossing Replacement for Safety and Aquatic Organism Passage – DM

The objectives include increasing motorist safety; decreasing the frequency and duration of over-topping during flood events; allow aquatic species to migrate upstream; and improve stream morphology and aquatic habitat.


0905 Mill Creek Low Water Crossing FR1581 and Trail Head Improvements – DM

This project will repair large road potholes and replace the low water crossing with an articulating concrete block ford.


0905 Paddy Creek Low Water Crossing C Replacement - Campground Access and Aquatic Organism Passage Barrier - DM

This stream crossing is essential acting as a low head dam causing a safety issue, an aquatic organism passage barrier and substantial stream degradation. This project is in partnership with Texas County, the jurisdictional owner.


0905 Sellers Stream Crossing Replacement - Safety and Aquatic Organism Passage Improvements DM

The objectives include increasing motorist safety; decreasing the frequency and duration of over-topping during flood events; allow aquatic species to migrate upstream; and improve stream morphology and aquatic habitat.


0905 Trail Improvements Zone 3 – DM

This project will bring trails into standard and increase public safety utilizing Watershed Conservation Corp (WCC).  The WCC will contribute 1,800 hrs. per year in a multi-year agreement. Mark Twain will hire staff crew project leader and equipment.


0905 Markham Springs Shower House Replacement-DM

New shower house will provide a better user experience, create better access with accessible showers, provide a healthier & safer environment to shower in with the lack of mold and smooth concrete walls that are easier to keep sanitized.


0905 Czar Fire Tower Toilet Replacement DM

The single-person toilet will be removed and replaced with a two-hole fabricated concrete toilet made by CXT.


0905 Zone 2 Camp Site Amenity Feature Replacements-DM

Replacement work will be accomplished utilizing Job Corps to assemble and install amenities with contribution equated into dollars at $5,440.  This will reduce Deferred Maintenance for the facilities.


0905 Forest-wide Recreation Area Pavement Improvements-DM

Project consists of multiple FLTP network system of roads that serve recreation areas across the forest.


0905 Zone 3 Camp Site Amenity Feature Replacement DM

Replace campsite amenities at Cobb Ridge, Big Bay, Paddy Creek, Lane Spring and North Fork


0905 Zone 1 Camp Site Amenity Feature Replacements DM

Campsite amenities such as picnic tables, lantern posts & fire rings will be removed and replaced


0905 Trash Site Removal to Improve Visitor Experience DM

Remove trash dumps from 280 sites to reduce public safety hazards, improve scenery, and positively effect wildlife/soil/water. $168,000 was identified to remove trash dumps based on previous contracts.


0905 Recreation and Administrative Sign Replacement-DM

Appropriate signage will improve visitor experience and access. It will provide a safer experience, such as replacing roadside regulatory and informational signage for example.


Multiple Forests, Eastern Region

09 Regionwide Vault Toilet Improvements DM

Replacement of 63 aging or faulty toilets with new concrete vault toilets across 7 National Forests, including site preparation and old structure removal.


White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire & Maine


0922 Bog Brook Road (FR 6) Resurfacing DM

This project will be completed by the White Mountain National Forest Construction and Maintenance Crew. They will reshape the road, lay down geo fabric and place 12 inches of gravel for one mile.


0922 Great Brook Road (FR 4) Resurfacing DM

This project is to add surface gravel 12 inches deep for 0.85 miles of road, restore ditch lines and replace culverts as needed.


0922 Patte Mill Dam Road (FR 727) Reconstruction DM

This project to resurface 0.27 mile of road. The road will have 12 inches deep of surface gravel add to the road. Drainage ditches will be reestablished, and culverts added.


0922 Saco Ranger Office Sustainability Project Phase II

Project includes: remove separate trailer building & consolidation into one main building, upgrade visitor info area to meet demand, remodeling of a garage-warehouse. The Station will be a Net Zero Energy.


40GAOA 0922 Glen Ellis Road/Trail/Civilian Conservation Corps Era Site Improvements DM

Reconstruct access road and parking, decommission SST, add new CXT, improve picnic sites, interpretive sites and kiosk.


0922 Lincoln Woods and Radeke Recreation Cabin Improvements DM

LW Cabin: Replace roof, repair chimney, chink logs, LW Toilet: replace roof/skylights, replace solar panels. Radeke: repair wall, replace roof, replace shingle siding, rebuild front porch.


0922 Cherry Mountain Road (FR14) Reconstruction DM

Reconstruction effort on this 3.97-mile road would consist of placing aggregates, replacing approximately 10 culverts, ditch reconditioning, and beaver deceiver installation


0922 Backcountry Toilet Replacement DM

Replace failing backcountry pit toilets with moldering composting toilets: Doublehead Cabin, Mountain Pond Shelter, Liberty Cabin, Sawyer Pond, Penacook Shelter, Trapper John Shelter, and Velvet Rocks Shelter.


0922 Rumney Rocks Climbing Area Trails Improvements DM

This project will rehabilitate and improve critical issues on popular climbing trails and staging areas.


0922 Rob Brook Bridge Replacement DM

This project has two phases; design with permitting and construction. In the first phase the Forest will hire an IDIQ engineer to design and permit a new structure. In the second phase the Forest will contract the construction of the new structure.


0922 White Mountain Supervisor's Office/Pemi Office Boiler System Controls and Silo Replacement Design DM

To feed pellets into the existing silo requires a truck with a boom to reach up to the entrance of the silo. There used to be mutable companies that had trucks with a boom, now there is only one company left with this type of truck.


0922 Smarts Brook Mountain Bike Trail System Construction DM

Project consists of reconstructing, decommissioning, and rebuilding a sustainable mountain bike trail system, as the region lacks long distance experiences for mountain bikers this project will help to fill that missed opportunity.


0922 Ammonoosuc Dam Replacement DM

A design has been complete by an IDIQ engineer.


0922 Paving Day Use Sites DM

Repave Great Gulf TH, Dolly Copp Picnic.  Pave Diana's Bath, Livermore TH, Rumney. Phase 1 design, Phase 2 implementation.


0922 Tripoli Road NFSR 30 Reconstruction DM

This project is to do a corridor study and design on the road. The design will incorporate 5 bridges that have been designed so that the Forest can put out a construction contract to reconstruct the road and road bridges.


0922 Saco Area Trail Rehabilitation DM

Project will repair/replace water bars, steps, scree/retention walls, ditches, drainage structures, and cairns on Boulder Loop, Dicey's Mill, Walden, and Davis Path Trails.


0922 Brandy Brook Aquatic Organism Passage on Bog Dam Road (FR 15) Replacement DM

A design and contract documents have been completed. The Forest needs funding to construct the structure.


0922 Sawyer River Road (FR 34) Resurfacing DM

This project will be completed by the White Mountain National Forest Construction and Maintenance Crew. They will reshape the road, place 12 inches of gravel for two miles, replace approximately 20 culverts and reestablish ditch lines.


0922 Androscoggin Area Trails Rehabilitation DM

Repair/replace water bars, steps, scree and retention walls, ditches, drainage structures, and cairns which will maintain and restore the existing tread-ways the identified trails.


0922 White Mountain National Forest-New Hampshire Snowmobile Corridor 11 DM

Coordinate and implement in partnership with the NH Trails Bureau, White Mountain Ridge Runners snowmobile club. Relocate some trails and address critical structural concerns on multiple NH Bridges.


0922 Hermit Lake Shelters Camping Site DM

3 Phases. 1: Design, Heritage. 2: Decom &/or 4 Reconstruct Shelters. 3. Decom &/or Construct Shelter, platforms, toilets.


0922 Tripoli 2 Road Bridge Critical Finding Repairs DM

This project is to hire a contractor to repair both bridge abutments. By the time funding is received the WMNF should have all required permits and approval to start construction. 


0922 Saco Lake Trail Accessibility Project Design/Build DM

This project would complete all deferred maintenance, create a more sustainable, safer & fully ADA compliant loop benefiting all users & protecting the headwaters of the Saco River. 


0922 Tripoli 1&2 Road Bridges Replacement DM

This project is to hire an IDIQ engineer to design new structures to replace these two bridges which are at the end of their life span.


0922 Andro Mountain Bike Trail System DM

Project would connect 2 recreation areas utilizing existing and new constructed trails.


0922 Tunnel Brook Road (FR 700) Drainage Removal DM

This project is to remove 15 small culverts and 10 large culverts (AOP’s) and install water bars.


0922 Corridor 11 Pemi Reroute & Bridges DM

The project is to bring the trail down to a Forest Service standard slope of 10% or less to make the trail safer and more sustainable. 2 snowmobile bridges would be required to be built


0922 Bog Dam 4 Road Bridge Replacement DM

This project is for funding to hire an IDIQ engineer to design a new bridge to replace the existing bridge then construct and new one.


0922 Saco Bog Bridge Replacement DM

Replace, in kind, previously installed & transported pre-milled puncheons.  These materials are purchase from a local lumber company who can harvest & mill materials in excess of what is available on the project site.


0922 Waterville Campground Rehabilitation Design CM

Design to rehab and upgrade CG: install hookups, shower building, upgrade water system, toilet buildings, road & accessibility.


0922 Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail Maintenance DM

The area trails have been experiencing use levels beyond record in 2020. This combined with years of backlogged deferred maintenance has resulted in an adverse high impact throughout the trail system.


0922 Zealand Road (FR 16) and Zealand 3 Road Bridge Reconstruction DM

The one mile of paving and bridge deck replacement will be done by contract and the 2.7 miles of gravel road reconstruction will be done by the Forest Construction and Maintenance Crew.


0922 Elbow Pond Road (FR 156) Resurfacing DM

This project is to be completed by the Forests Construction and Maintenance Crew. The Crew will replace approximately 5 culverts, reestablish drainage ditches and add 12 inches of surface gravel to the entire length of road.


0922 Campground Roads Reconstruction Paving DM (New Hampshire and Maine)

Phase 1: design road sub-base for each cg listed and pavement need, obtain permits. Phase 2: implement road subbase reconstruction and paving.


Green Mountain National Forest, New York


0920 Hector Ranger District Office Solar Array Installation – New

Project is to install multiple panel PV solar array within the confines of a pasture to provide electricity to the FLNF office and workshop.


0920 Perimeter Fence Replacement DM

Project consists of replacing approx. 50 miles of fence in areas with overlapping range & recreation opportunities. Project would remove & dispose of old fence; clear vegetation for a width of 12’; install new 4-strand barbed wire fence per FS standards.


0920 Trough Repair/Replacement DM

This project would consist of replacing gravity fed trough style watering systems on National Forest grazing allotments with new troughs. See attached for additional information.


0920 Pond Dredging DM

This project would consist of mechanical dredging of ponds used as a water source for cattle grazing on the National Forest. These ponds gradually become filled in with sediment. See attached for more information.


0920 Forest Trail 612 Fossenvue Trail Reconstruction DM

The change has caused repeated washouts of the trail including one that cost over $90,000 to repair in FY19. The trail washed out gain in FY20.


Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont


0920 Danby Road (Forest Road 10) Aquatic Organism Passage Replacement & Road Reconstruction-DM

The project will include road reconstruction and replacing three road & stream crossings with new AOP structures. See attached for more information.


0920 Mount Tabor Fire Workshop Rehabilitation DM

Project is to restore & rehabilitate CCC era workshop to current standards. Building has a large amount of deferred maintenance. Building has lead paint on the exterior and isolated areas in the interior that requires abatement. See attached report.


0920 Lefferts Pond Road, Day Use, Parking, & Accessibility Improvements-DM

Project includes: widening of FR412 for emergency access; construction of a 35-car parking area; construction of an accessible fishing pier; and improved universal access on an existing trail.


0920 Grout Pond Campground Improvement - DM

Improvements would install pit toilet to address human waste concerns, road realignment and turn arounds to address ingress/egress, complete final access accessibility, enlarge/expand some sites to accommodate capacity.


0920 Hapgood Pond Campground Improvement DM

Work would entail improvements to bathhouse energy and water efficiency and to the 1-mile trail to meet FSTAG. Replacement of stone steps and vehicle barrier bollards at the entry would improve first impressions and preserve defining historic features.


0920 Rochester Ranger District Administrative Site Improvement - New

Project would consist of reconstructing deteriorating pavement and constructing new fleet garage. There is a lack of fleet and employee parking.


0920 Robert Frost Interpretive Site Accessibility Improvements - New

The project will expand accessibility and construct a new trail and trail bridge to connect 2 rec sites. Also, improvements will be done to the parking areas.


0920 FR 73, 264 & 279 Road Bridge DM for recreation access and timber sales

5 road bridges on FR 264 have a variety of DM with channel/abutment protection being the main deficiency for each bridge. The wear surface on FR 73 road bridge requires replacement due to its consistent use as a road and trail.


0920 Green Mountain/Finger Lakes Supervisor's Office Relocation New

Began exploring options to build a new SO on federal land in Mendon, VT on US-4 in ‘04. CRIA/NEPA signed in 2006. FMP identified a need to build a facility in the area along a major travel route. $6,000,000 CIP funds received in FY20.


0920 West Hill Bridge Replacement DM

Bridge will be used by FS for timber haul over the next 5-10 yrs. Work will include installation of temporary crossing, removal of existing bridge and installation of new bridge to increase capacity and to improve flood resiliency.


0920 Forest Road 59 Steam Mill Road Middlebury River Aquatic Organism Passage Culvert Replacement Phase 3 DM

This is phase 3, two other Priority AOP projects have been completed in the watershed in previous phases of this project. The culvert is located at MP 4.9 on FR 59 in the Town of Ripton.


0920 FR83 Flood Dam Road Bridge Reconstruction DM

The project is located on FR83 within the Somerset IRP Project area and will be used for timber hauling. Reconstruction will improve flood resiliency as the bridge has a history of damage during large flow events and floating debris.


0920 Velomont Trail: New Construction and Relocation DM

Project will fund 11 miles of multiuse trail connecting Randolph, Pittsfield, Stockbridge, Chittenden, Killington and Rochester, VT. Project is a state-wide initiative: Velomont Trail - a trail/hut system running length of VT w/ several complete sections.


0920 Texas Falls Accessibility Improvements DM

Funding for implementing Phase II of the project is being sought to: construct an accessible overlook, construct accessible pathways leading to the new bridge, and update site infrastructure with ABA railings, picnic tables and benches.


0920 Travel Management Barriers Resource Protection

This project would add 59 barriers to provide seasonal closure, and/or block unauthorized motorized use. Barriers (boulders & gates) will provide motor vehicle use management to protect critical road/trail/recreation site assets.


0920 Sucker Pond Trail -DM/Resource Rehab

Project reconstructs 7 miles of the Sucker Pond and Risky Ranch trails. Work will grade and add tread material, install drainage structures and construct 3 stream crossings.


0920 Forest-wide Recreational Access Parking Improvements DM

The forest plans to expand, repair, reconfigure and reutilize existing parking areas to accommodate increased use. Parking lots will be designed to provide increased parking and better flow of traffic. Existing parking lots will be improved to standard.


0920 Forest-wide High-Use Trails Deferred Maintenance Reduction

Project activities will repair/replace culverts, turnpike, retention walls, drainage structures, and puncheon. DM will be reduced by $1,380,279; partner contributions will add $64,320 towards project accomplishment.


Wayne National Forest, Ohio


0914 Leith Run Campground Relocation and Decommissioning - Recreation DM

The proposed project would relocate the campground to higher ground approx. one mile north of its existing location adjacent to Frontier Boat Launch. NEPA in FY22; AE design in FY23; construct new site in FY24; decommission old site in FY25.


40GAOA 0914 Lamping Homestead and Sand Run Dam Repair/Renovation - Recreation DM

The project will replace dams’ spillway risers and outlet barrels, install reservoir drain valves in and trash racks on risers, re-grade dam crests, re-construct and armor outlet plunge pools, etc. to comply with current dam safety guidelines.


0914 Athens District Workcenter Renovation - Fire, Administrative & Other DM

The proposed project would remove and replace the asphalt shingle roof on Warehouse #1 and repair the slope failure, apply aggregate to parking lot, and maintain vegetation along the access road at Warehouse #3.


0914 Wayne National Forest Headquarters Floor Safety Improvements DM

Project will correct the "soft" spots in the subflooring on the 2nd & 3rd floors; replaces old carpeting, patch and repaint walls on all three floors. Phase 1 - 3rd flr. (FY22); Phase 2 - 2nd flr. (FY23); Phase 3 - 1st flr. (FY24).


0914 Frontier Boat Launch Bank Stabilization - Recreation DM

The proposed project would stabilize a 140'x30' area of riverbank upriver from the boat ramp.  AE is requested for design and cost estimate. NEPA completed.  Design, permit, and contract package in FY23; implement in FY24.


0914 Vesuvius Workcenter and Old Ranger Station Renovation - Fire, Administrative & Other DM

The proposed project would replace 3 existing workcenter buildings & renovate old ranger station. Phase 1 - AE conceptual data gathering and layout design FY24; Phase 2 FY25. Replacing the 3 buildings would eliminate need for 4 other storage buildings.


0914 Telegraph Trail and Other Forest-wide Trail Improvements/Modifications/Reroutes and Trail Bridge Repairs/Replacements - Trail DM

Multiple trails to be improved or rerouted and trail bridges to be repaired/replaced to FS standards. NEPA in FY21; design in FY22; implementation in FY22 - FY25; Work to be completed with existing trail IDIQ contract. RTP grants used as leverage.


0914 Forest Road 1955 Road Slip Repair - Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area - Recreation Access DM

The proposed project would repair multiple areas along Rd 1955 that are currently showing signs of pavement cracking and subsidence.  NEPA & Geotech FY22; Design and contract package in FY23; implement in FY24.


0914 Vesuvius Boat Launch Parking Area Expansion and Sedimentation Control - Recreation DM

The proposed project would expand the existing parking area at the boat launch and construct sedimentation diversion structures to prevent sedimentation from entering the lake. NEPA FY23; Design and contract package in FY24; implement in FY25.


Northern Research Station, Ohio


NRS-01 Delaware Office/Lab 59 Wing Re-Roof

Project ill remove existing EPDM membrane, underlying insulation, and old built-up roof. New insulation will bring the roof to R-30; a new fully adhered TPO membrane will be installed. All sheet metal and trim will be replaced.


NRS-03 Renovate Underused Facility to Construct Overwintering Facility for Breeding Disease Resistant Trees

Remodeling of an underutilized building to construct a multi-bay, independently temperature and humidity controlled, cold storage facility.


Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania


0919 Dew Drop Campground Rehabilitation DM

Project will consist of upgrades to the entire facility.


0919 North Central Lagoon Grinder Pump Replacement DM

The project entails replacing a grinder pump that has reached the end of its serviceable life.


0919 North Branch Sugar Run Bridge Replacement FR 127-4.3 Critical Finding DM

During a routine inspection in 2020, this bridge was found to have eleven broken laminations of the superstructure were noted. Deflection of these broken laminations and the spreader beam of up to 3" necessitating a 3-ton bridge loading capacity.


0919 Big Mill Creek Bridge Replacement DM

Project will entail full replacement of Big Mill Creek Bridge


0919 FR 136/343 Relocation & Decommissioning

Proposed activities include the construction of new roads (2.1 miles), reconstruction of existing roads (0.4 miles), removal of existing roads (2.9 miles), and restoration of stream channels (120 feet) and wetlands (0.6 acres)


0919 Forest Roads 136/343 Relocation for Improved Safety DM

Construction of approximately 2.1 miles of new road,
Reconstruction of approximately 0.4 miles of existing road,
Decommissioning of approximately 2.9 miles of existing road,
Restoration of 120 linear feet of stream channels and 0.55 acres of wetlands


0919 FR 145 Improvements DM

Project to repair road & manage slope stability issues throughout the road length.


0919 Cherry Run Aquatic Organism Passage DM

Replacement of the culverts will require installation of a bridge or aquatic organism passage depending on cost analysis.


40GAOA 0919 Irwin Run Boat Launch DM

Design and improve expansion of parking area for adequate entry and exit off access road, demo old vault toilet and install new CXT, and design and install new canoe/kayak launch.


0919 Dew Drop Campground Rehabilitation DM

The project would include design & construction updates to the campground sufficient to modernize the recreation area.


Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin


0913 Critical Boat Launch Repairs at 6 Sites DM

At four sites; Replace the ramp with new concrete planks down into the water. Above the waterline repave or regrading and resurface and compact to reduce erosion (depending on existing surface).


0913 FR 164 Reconstruction Vegetation Management Deferred Maintenance

The project will reconstruct the road.  Reconstruction will consist of brushing, cleaning ditches, reditching, replacement of culverts, clean culverts, fill as needed, remove corduroy, and resurfacing. 


0913 Bridge 162-08.1 Bridge 0913 Bridge 162-08.1 Bridge Replacement for Recreation and Timber Access Deferred Maintenance

Bridge will be removed and replaced. The new bridge will be a glulam timber girder / deck bridge on concrete abutments and piers supported by steel piling. The new bridge reduces spans to 3 in order to minimize debris issues at the piers.


0913 Bridge 164-29.2 Bridge Replacement DM

Bridge will be removed and replaced. The new bridge will be a glulam timber girder / deck bridge on concrete abutments and piers supported by steel piling. The new bridge reduces spans to 3 in order to minimize debris issues at the piers.


40GAOA 0913 Interagency Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center Site Rehabilitation for USFS, NPS, FWS, etc. DM

Project will remove existing pavement, provide new pavement, restripe the 2.8-acre NGLVC parking lot and entrance road, reset one culvert and reshape parking lot to provide better drainage. Project will also replace signs with visitor center’s new name.


0913 Forest Lodge Infrastructure Improvements - DM/New Construction

Improve Forest Lodge road and trail infrastructure to accommodate increased use of Forest Lodge and the Nature Trail – parking, road and trail capacity, drainage, stormwater treatment, traffic sight lines within the complex and ingress and egress.


0913 Joseph Creek #34 Trail Bridge Replacement to Maintain Safe Trail Public Access DM

Replace timber bridge, set on helical piling and align with trail to meet current WI standard loading requirements.


0913 Forest Lodge Cow Palace Historic Adaptive Reuse in Partnership with Northland College DM

Replace interior finishes, thermal insulation, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems; construct firewalls between occupancy classes; incorporate ABA guidelines as appropriate; adaptive reuse to make more functional. SHPO approved.


0913 Replace UNT Fishtrap Creek and UNT Moose River Stream Crossings FR 164 Improve Aquatic Organism Passage DM

Replace two failing structures with box culverts designed to pass the 100-year flood and provide Aquatic Organism Passage.


0913 Replace McKenzie Creek Stream Crossing FR 118 Improve Aquatic Organism Passage DM

Replace existing structure with a box culvert designed to pass the predicted 100-year flood.  The project will increase flood resiliency of the road and crossing.


0913 Public Fishing Access Improvements to Ensure Continued Safe Access - Pine Lake, Mondeaux, & Chippewa DM

Replacement of three accessible fishing piers with permanent, accessible floating docks designed for fishing.


0913 Campground Site Improvements & Franklin Lake Electrical Upgrades to Enhance Visitor Experiences - New

The project will provide electrification at a portion of sites at Franklin Lake Campground and provide improved host sites at numerous other campgrounds.


0913 Campground Beautification and Improved Visitor Experiences Through Toilet Replacements DM

This project will replace toilets with new concrete vault toilets and provide accessible paths to the toilets.  This is one of the highest priority recreation projects on the forest that provide direct benefit to the public.


0913 Signature Site Boulder Campground Shower House Rehabilitation for Improved Visitor Experience DM

Two of three shower houses need repairs to ensure a safe and adequate experience for the public.  Fixtures will be replaced, and finishes will be rehabilitated.


0913 Lower Foulds Spring Dam Reconstruction to Sustain Brook Trout and Provide Public Fishing Access DM

Dam inlet and outlet structure is prone to clogs, hard to clear, and may overtop. Construct fixed height weir to maintain water level, reduce beaver clogging, provide safe clearing, and include a fish barrier to protect trout pond from downstream species.


0913 Water System Baseline Testing for Safety and Health DM

Conduct water system baseline testing for up to 75 systems.


0913 Warehouse and Office Exterior Repairs to Protect Infrastructure Investments and Enhance Public Image DM

Paint exteriors or replace siding where needed, replace roofs, replace decayed/damaged windows and doors at existing active administrative sites.


0913 HVAC Replacements at District Offices to Enhance Indoor Air Quality and Improve Energy Efficiency DM

Replace the existing HVAC and water heater at the Medford Ranger District Office.  Replace the cooling system at the Lakewood District Office.  Both sites’ systems are beyond their service life.


0913 Wastewater System Replacements to Ensure Functionality and Promote Safe Environmental Practices DM

Replace 3 key wastewater systems. Lakewood and Glidden Ranger Stations and Bass Lake Rec Site.


0913 Regional Bundle of Historic Facilities Rehabilitation: 21CSC Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps DM

A fully dedicated USFS crew will focus on DM needs at high leverage sites to improve visitor access and use, address H&S concerns, and contribute greatly to our visitor's experience.


0913 FR 238 Reconstruction to Support Timber Hauling and Provide Hunter and Gathering Access DM

Reconstruct road. Brush, clean ditches, reditch, replace culverts, clean culverts, fill as needed, remove corduroy, pavement patching, pavement preservation, and resurfacing.


0913 FR 199-4.8 Bridge Rehabilitation DM

The superstructure will be rehabilitated to increase live load capacity. The new superstructure is anticipated to be a timber panel-lam longitudinal slab designed for HL-93 loading.


0913 FR 168-5.4 Bridge Rehabilitation DM

The superstructure will be rehabilitated to increase the bridge's live load capacity. The new superstructure is anticipated to be a timber panel-lam longitudinal slab designed for HL-93 loading.


0913 Park Falls District Office Repaving, Drainage and Accessibility Improvements DM

Remove existing asphalt, grade, shape, pave, stripe lot to improve lot drainage, ABA compliance, and eliminate associated deferred maintenance.  Seal coat other section of lot.  Construct ABA compliant access ramps to employee entrance landings.


0913 Mountain Bike and Ski Trail Head Restoration for Partner and Forest Service Maintained Trails to Ensure Safe Public Access and Improve User’s Experience DM

Undersized culverts at driveway entries to each parking lot will be replaced with adequately sized culverts to accommodate two-way traffic. Lots will receive a gravel overlay and be reshaped for proper drainage.  CAMBA is partner at Rock Lake Trails. 


0913 Fishing Access Maintenance for Safe Public Enjoyment at Lakeview & Hoist Lake DM

This project would include both the design and construction of Lakeview Boat Landing and Hoist Lake Carry-in Landings. Lakeview would include design and reconstruction of entry road, boat landing and accessible path to accessible fishing pier.


Northern Research Station, Wisconsin


Rhinelander Laboratory Renovations

Fume hoods are decrepit. Everything within the labs is 50-60 yrs. old: stainless steel sinks are
badly stained; cabinetry veneer is failing; countertops are deteriorating; layout of furniture
is not conducive to current research needs.


40GAOA NRS-02 Renovate Deteriorated Laboratories; reduce DM; critical research-forest management impacts; improve visitor exp; rural economic development; health & safety

This project will pay for the remodel of 3,900 sf of laboratory space. New fume hoods. Critical research infrastructure for forestry management impacts. Remove partner collaboration constraints. Employment will improve local economy.


Forest Products Lab, Wisconsin


FPL #6 Bldg. 34 Fume Hood Replacement to Improve Forest Biorefinery & Woody Biomass Utilization

Remove and replace 14 fume hoods. Research in B34 boosts productivity of NFS land by improving forest health through development of value-added products such as aviation fuels, using low value biomass to create high value products, &torrefaction of biomass.


FPL #7 Bldg. 33/34 Ceiling Replacement and Fire Suppression to Improve Forest Biorefinery & Woody Biomass Utilization 

Replace ceilings. Research in B33 & B34 boosts productivity of NFS land by improving forest health through development of value-added products such as aviation fuels, using low value biomass to create high value products, & torrefaction of biomass.


FPL #5 Bldg. 1/50 Heat Exchanger

The project will install heat exchangers in Bldg. 1 & 50.  This will provide each building with a private FS-owned chilled water loop that can be kept clean & properly maintained.  We will not need constant maintenance and repairs due to dirty water.


40GAOA FPL #3 Improve Forest Biorefinery & Woody Biomass Utilization- Bldg. 33 Window Replacement

Replace windows. Research in B33 boosts productivity of NFS land by improving forest health through development of value-added products such as aviation fuels, using low value biomass to create high value products, & torrefaction of biomass.


FPL #1 Improve Forest Biorefinery & Woody Biomass Utilization - Bldg. 34 Parking Lot

Full replacement of parking lot. Research in B33/B34 boosts productivity of NFS land by improving forest health through development of value-added products such as aviation fuels, using low value biomass to create high products & torrefaction of biomass.


FPL #4 Improve Construction Practices/Building Codes - Bldg. 4 & 15 Roof Replacement

Roof replacement and replace of roof drains which backup into bldg.  Project will result in improved partnerships for work with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The research results in more resilient & sustainable wood structures.


FPL #2 Service for Public & Museums - Bldg. 1 Renovations Wood Anatomy

Renovate meeting area, labs, and workspaces to facilitate the maintenance of the wood collection, research, technology transfer to American businesses, and training and capacity building of forensic wood expertise.


Improve Service to Public - Bldg. 1 Sewer Lateral Replacement

The pipes are original to the building which was constructed in 1932. The cast iron pipes are beyond repair and release raw sewage and harmful gases into the interior of the public building.  



Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia


0921 Holcomb Bridge Replacement DM

Design and construction for bridge repair or replacement.


0921 Right Fork Mountain Lick Bridge Replacement DM

Design and construction for bridge repair or replacement.


0921 Upper Big Run Bridge Replacement DM

Design and construction for bridge repair or replacement.


0921 Forest Road 14 Five Mile Bridge Replacement 14-26.000 Recreation DM

Plan for a permanent bridge replacement as the current structure is temporarily in place to accommodate traffic. The temporary structure was installed in early 2020 to remedy a load posting on the original bridge.


0921 FR 76-20.0 Birchlog Run Bridge Replacement Recreation DM

Design and construction for bridge repair or replacement.


0921 FR 76-14.2 Big Rough Run Bridge Replacement for Recreation Access DM

Design and construction for bridge repair or replacement.


0921 FR 78-0.037 Cranberry River Low Water Crossing Recreation DM

Design and construction for bridge repair or replacement.


0921 FR 26-0.02 Back Fork Bridge Replacement Recreation DM

Design and construction for bridge repair or replacement.


0921 FR 1605-0.0 Buffalo Run Bridge Replacement Recreation DM

Design and construction for bridge repair or replacement.


0921 South Zone Recreation Access Aggregate Improvements - DM

Provide surfacing aggregate to maintain safe access on FSR 101 Cranberry Dyer, FSR 76 Cranberry, FR 81 COE, FSR 216 Upper Williams, FSR 139 Rocky Run, and FSR 296 Peach Orchard roads.


0921 Cheat-Potomac Recreation Access Aggregate Improvements DM

Provide surfacing aggregate to maintain safe access on FSR 13 Canaan Mountain, FSR 112 Spruce Mountain, FSR 1 Osceola, FSR 75 Dolly Sods, and FSR 19 Laneville N. Fork roads.


0921 Greenbrier Recreation Access Aggregate Improvements DM

Provide surfacing aggregate to maintain safe access for FSR 54 Buffalo Fork, FSR 209 Shavers Fork, FSR 233 River Road, FSR 235 Mower East, FSR 227 Old Mine, FSR 227D Sconyers Watch, and FSR 233A Hearth’s Hill roads.


0921 North Zone Recreation Access Asphalt Paving Recreation - New

Install new asphalt paving on the unpaved sections of FR 112 Spruce Mountain from the intersection with FR 104 to the intersection with FR 1 (6 mi). and pave 1.4 mi of FR 1 Osceola Road. Pave 1 mile of FR 809 from SR#2 to the existing pavement.


0921 Cranberry Visitor Center Pavement Improvements Recreation – DM

Repave 2.5 mi of FR 102 S. Fork Cranberry to the accessible trail and Cranberry Glades boardwalk. Repave 0.33 mi of FR 350 to the Cranberry Visitor Center.


0921 Lake Sherwood Dam Renovation at Lake Sherwood Recreation Area DM

The project includes design and construction of a new inlet riser and principle spillway and modifications to the auxiliary spillway of the Lake Sherwood Dam.


0921 Potomac and White Sulphur Fire Facilities for Enhanced Job Corps Opportunities DM

Design and construct an engine station for type 6 engines and a 5-man bunkhouse using standard floor plan developed by MTDC, at the Potomac and White Sulphur administrative sites.  Project includes demolition of the existing WS warehouse.


0921 Highland Scenic Highway Rehabilitation DM

investigation, design & reconstruction of drainage structures and slide repairs along the Highland Scenic Highway to prevent future slope failures that may result in closure of the road.  Project also includes guardrail evaluation and reconstruction.


0921 Potomac District Administrative Facility Improvements - New

Complete a master plan and concept design for the Potomac administrative site to consolidate staff into one accessible building with improved visitor services, employee security & shared community space for USDA partner agencies and community events


0921 Camp Caesar Dam Renovation DM

Design and construct new inlet riser and principle spillway to safely pass PMP.  Modify the auxiliary spillway.  Demolition of existing inlet structure.  Place riprap on upstream embankment.


0921 Cranberry Glades Boardwalk trail Replacement and Trailhead improvements DM

Trail received funding through a WV RTP grant for design of new boardwalk.  The project would utilize the design that is scheduled to be available in the Spring of 2021, to replace the current structure with a safer, more sustainable path for visitors.


0921 Lake Sherwood Trail Accessibility and Bridge Replacement DM

Resurface and widen 2.5 miles of trail with crushed aggregate, reduce grade on 0.5 miles and replace two bridges and two puncheons.


0921 Blue Bend Picnic Area Recreation Site Rehabilitation DM

Replace damaged pavilion wood floors with concrete.  Add Interpretive kiosks for visitors.


0921 Rohrbaugh Cabin Restoration Recreation DM

Project is a collaboration among multiple partners to provide hands-on experience and training of preservation techniques. Partners will also enhance interpretation with design and installation of backcountry interpretive kiosks to serve as hotspot


0921 Forest Road #60 Conversion from Road to Trail Recreation Access DM

Convert FR 60 to trail and remove two stream crossings structures.  The road surface will be decompacted and recontoured to reduce erosion and provide stability, and a designed trail surface will be created on the finished contour.


0921 Horseshoe Recreation Area Wastewater System Replacement DM

Replace the wastewater collection lines, septic and mounds at YLA Horseshoe with smaller septic tanks, diameter effluent system and infiltrator chambers.  Replace mound at Horseshoe Recreation Area with two smaller infiltrator fields


0921 Seneca Rocks Discovery Center Rehabilitation DM

Replace countertop, repaving, fix and upgrade pathway lighting, repaint, restain, replace rotten siding, and install security system.


0921 North Zone Campground Improvements DM

Replace leaky roofs, rotten trim, shower fixtures, and plumbing; install signage with current information; repair of a crumbling rock wall; upgrade propane to electric system.


0921 Forest-wide Roofing Replacements at Various Recreation Sites DM

Replace roofing on the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center, Blue Bend small shelter and Lake Sherwood beach bathhouse and warehouse, 8 sleeping cabins at YLA Horseshoe and 2 recreation support buildings at Gauley Admin site.


40GAOA 0921 International Mountain Biking Association Ride Center Tea Creek Mountain Trail Improvements DM

This project will repair drainage structures and aggregate to provide a sustainable and safe trail system.


0921 Forest-wide Vault Toilet Replacement Recreation DM

Replace 9 vault toilets over 20 years old with 7 precast concrete vault toilets.  The new vault toilets are easier to clean and more vandal resistant which will improve the visitor experience.