More Than Foresters

When you hear “Forest Service,” you probably think of Smokey Bear or a ranger working alone in the forest. You’re right.  Both images are part of our identity. However, there are several other careers in our agency beyond fighting forest fires.


Almost any position you would see in another organization, you can find with us. Forest Service jobs tend to fall in the categories below. There are also Law Enforcement positions.

The Scientists
(such as)

Business Operations
(such as)

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Budget Analysts

Civil Engineers


Public Affairs



Contract Specialists



Human Resources



Our employees work together to manage the national forest system. Bridges are one example of how some Forest Service jobs collaborate. Here's a general idea of the roles they play:

  • "The Scientists” conduct assessments to determine how the bridge would impact forest ecology.
  • "Engineers" plan the bridge project and work with "the scientists" on where and how it should be placed.
  • "Business Operations" looks at initial project costs and bids, type of labor needed, handles contracting, public relations regarding the project and legal considerations (NEPA).


Read our employee profiles to learn more about working in the Forest Service.

Leonyce Moses
Contract Specialist


Gala Goldsmith
District Ranger


Amy Mullins
Timber Sale Administrator

Marla Collins
Tribal Relations Specialist