Your Recreation Fees Make a Difference!

Why do you Collect Recreation Fees?

Each year, the Forest Service collects fees for a variety of facilities and services. The revenue from these fees are retained locally by each National Forest and are utilized to support the operation and maintenance of trails, campgrounds, visitor centers and more. 

The Forest Service not only utilizes these funds for routine maintenance and management, but also works on chipping away at major renovations and projects 

The Eastern Region works hard to provide well maintained and managed facilities for you to enjoy. 

What Kinds of Projects are Funded with Recreation Fees?

  • Restroom cleaning and maintenance
  • Repairing erosion
  • Clearing trails of debris
  • Replace old, damaged or vandalized signs
  • Repair or replace bridges 
  • Repair, replace or add picnic tables
  • Clearing debris from campgrounds
  • Maintaining fire rings and other amenities on campgrounds
  • Maintenance and repair of cabins 

Much of this work is not necessarily noticeable, but it requires planning, man power and money to accomplish. 

Recreation Managers rely heavily on recreation fees to accomplish the work that allows you, the user, to enjoy well maintained facilities each year. 

Who Decides on What Projects to Fund?

The simple answer? YOU do! 

Some of the ways we decide on how to use these funds are based user feedback, seasonal usage, and what larger projects need to get finished.

How do you Make my Funds go Further?

A portion of your recreation fees are often used to match grants, fund volunteer efforts, and create solid working partnerships. Partnerships include dozens of youth organizations that help maintain recreation areas and provide a variety of youth with experiences that foster a love for their forest environments. These programs add millions to the recreation fees you pay.

Let Us Hear From You!

Public comments and concerns are taken very seriously. You can always leave comments in our online comment box, or contact your local Forest Service office.