Camping in Conejos Peak Ranger District

The Conejos Peak RD manages eleven campgrounds. Camping next to the fast moving, cold water Conejos River will prove exhilarating in the Mogote, Aspen Glade, Elk Creek, Spectacle Lake and Conejos campgrounds. Scenic views of Conejos Canyon are seen from Spectacle Lake and Conejos campgrounds. There is quick access to the South San Juan Wilderness while staying at Trujillo Meadows Campground and ample opportunity for lake fishing. A stay at Stunner and Mix Lake campground will take you back in time, as both campgrounds sit near historic mining towns. 

Wherever you decide to camp in the Conejos Peak Ranger District, you will not be disappointed by the scenic views, wildlife, fishing and recreation. 

View from Highway 285

Conejos Peak Ranger District

along FR 250

The Pinnacles in Conejos Canyon