Camping Cabins and Trails in the Saguache Ranger District



The Saguache District manages seven campgrounds, from North Crestone near the town of Crestone on the Sangre de Cristo side to Stone Cellar, in isolated Saguache Park nearly 60 miles away from the nearest town. Reservations are not available; all sites are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.



The Saguache District has four cabins that are available for rent.  These refurbished guard stations range from isolated and primitive to just off a main road with electricity and running water. 

Cabins may only be rented by calling 1-877-444-6777, or online at

The Saguache District Office cannot make reservations



The Bonanza Off-highway Vehicle Tour is a system of linked forest roads and trails offering off-highway vehicle enthusiasts the chance to choose from a menu of rides through historic mining country and mountain scenery.  The tour area stretches from just west of the town of Saguache all the way to O’Haver Lake on the San Isabel National Forest near Poncha Pass. 

The district manages 259 miles of non-motorized trails. Sections of the Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail pass through the district.

Important Note: 

  • All trails are at high elevations, with the lowest trailhead at about 8,500 feet and the highest reaches at more than 13,000 feet
  • It’s important for visitors to take time to become acclimated to high altitude
  • Bring along plenty of water
  • Be prepared for sudden weather changes

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Saguache Ranger District Office

Saguache District

Penitente Canyon

Sangre de Cristo Wilderness

Rito Alto Lake, Saguache Ranger District