Logging Activity

The maps below indicate locations of active timber sales and the roads being used by logging trucks.

Saguache RD

FSR 855 north of Hwy 114 - Boogie Beetle Salvage

FSR 41G & 675 west of La Garita - Easy Money Beetle Salvage, California Johns Beetle Salvage, Bear Johns Beetle Salvage, Crescent Moon Beetle Salvage, Miner’s Prong Beetle Salvage, Cecilia Beetle Salvage

Divide RD

FSR 520 & 533 - North of Rio Grande Reservoir - Pigs Eye Beetle Salvage 

FSR 360 & 332 - Southwest of South Fork - East Race Beetle Salvage   

FSR 523 & 528 – Lime Creek Road – North Lime Beetle Salvage         

Conejos Peak RD

 FSR 116 to Hwy 17 - Wistle Pig Beetle Salvage


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