Trail Gulch Vegetation Management Project

The Trail Gulch Vegetation Management Project is expected to commercially harvest timber on up to 9,580 acres and applying fire on up to 8,421 acres of the 51,460 acres project area on the Conejos Peak Ranger District of the Rio Grande National Forest. The project area is located in the southernmost part of the Forest near the New Mexico border. The project will combine mechanical and prescribed fire treatments to lessen the impacts of anticipated future natural disturbance processes such as wildfire. 

A large wildfire has the potential to produce more unfavorable effects in this area, which has been deprived of natural fire for many years. The treatments in the Trail Gulch Vegetation Management Project are designed to promote a healthier forest and reduce long-term fuel buildup, particularly around areas of the Forest adjacent to private lands.

The project also includes projects to improve watershed health conditions. The Trail Gulch Vegetation Management Project is within the Rio Chama Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program.

It is anticipated that the project will be implemented over a period of 10 to 15 years, depending on funding availability. 

Evergreen trees and aspen mix in a dense eye-level view of a forest.
Target fuels in the project area.


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