Tree thinning project proposed east of Crestone

Tree thinning project proposed east of Crestone


CRESTONE, Colo., February 13, 2019 - The Rio Grande National Forest is proposing to thin and prune trees east of Crestone along the northern boundary of the Baca subdivision. The fire mitigation work would be done with chainsaws and would encompass approximately 85 acres along Forest Service Road 949 between the Bureau of Land Management boundary to the west and Willow Creek Trailhead to the east.

The purpose of the proposed project is to reduce the risk of wildfire burning through the tops (crowns) of trees adjacent to private property. Crown fires increase risks to firefighter safety and are more difficult to control than ground fires. Completion of the project would better enable firefighters to protect private property if a wildfire were to start in the area.

The treatment would increase the spacing between the trees of the pinyon-juniper woodland by removing individual trees. The lower limbs of remaining trees would be pruned decreasing the potential for a wildfire to move from the ground into the crowns. Woody debris left over from the treatment would be piled by hand and burned in the winter when there is adequate snow cover.

The Rio Grande National Forest is inviting public input on the proposed fire mitigation project. Comments may be sent to by March 31, 2019.

For more information, contact Sid Hall, Forest Fuels Specialist at 719-852-6205.


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