Every Kid in an (Oregon) Cave!

Every Kid in a Cave It’s been a pretty amazing year for the RRSNF as we work with our partners to promote the Every Kid in a Park program across southwestern Oregon! Our final event for the 2015-2016 pass holders was an invitation off of the RRSNF to the National Park’s Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve, where kids and their families were taken on a private tour of the spectacular marble caves above Cave Junction, Oregon.

The RRSNF once again partnered with the National Park Service’s OCNMP, Medford District Bureau of Land Management, Mt. Ashland Ski Area, and REI to take 10 kids and their parents into the caves. The amazing interpretive specialists at the OCNMP shared with them all the wild tales of the Caves’ geological evolution, and how they were later discovered by Elijah Davidson when he ventured into them to find his dog, Bruno, who had chased after a bear! (How far would you venture into a cave with only six matches after YOUR dog and a bear??) Kids were able to see the River Styx, the first designated subterranean Wild and Scenic River in the country, and to marvel at the many different formations within the cave. There were no bats visible that day, but tour participants did get to learn about them, and why we should all be concerned about White Nose Syndrome.

Participants then hiked up and over the mountain on the nature trail to get a glimpse of the expansive landscape, with views all the way into the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, and even got to hang out with a doe and her two fawns for a wee bit while they casually munched on lichens!

The RRSNF looks forward to another school year with these partners, as well as the addition of a few more, as we all work to get more kids and their families out onto their public lands!