Voices: Stories from the RRSNF

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Stories....they matter.

The stories we tell go deeper than a simple narrative: Context. Understanding. Connection.

What connects you to public lands? What drew you to them to begin with? Was it your upbringing, your connection to your community? Was there just one experience that sparked a love of the forests, rivers, or mountains?

There are lots of those stories to be told, and we have them on the RRSNF, too! We are sharing our own voices with you. Our connections to the U.S. Forest Service's RRSNF, where we're from, memories of public lands we grew up on, and our favorite places! We're sharing one a week, and you're welcome to follow them here, or lean in to our Facebook page to learn more about who we are.


Voices: Sheila, Wildlife Biologist

Sheila, Wildlife Biologist

High Cascades RD

Voices: Kailey Clarno, Botanist

Kailey, Botanist

Gold Beach and Powers RDs

Voices: Roland, Acting Public Affairs Officer

Roland, Acting Public Affairs Officer


Voices: Lizeth, Soils Scientist and Hydrologist

Lizeth, Soil Scientist and Hydrologist

Gold Beach and Powers RDs

Voices: Chamise, Public Affairs Specialist

Chamise, Public Affairs Specialist


Putt, Database Manager for the RRSNF

Putt, Database Manager


Voices: Bob, River Permit Manager

Bob, River Permit Manager

The Rogue River, on the Gold Beach RD

Voices: Dave, Wildlife Biologist

Dave, Wildlife Biologist