Permitted Guides on the Chetco River (February 2018)

Chetco River Steelhead SeasonIf you are fishing on the Chetco River with a guide above Miller Bar River Access and your guide is not listed below, be aware that you are using an unpermitted (illegal) guide.

The following guides have obtained special use permits from the RRSNF to provide outfitter and guide services on the Chetco River:

Guide Company Location Phone


James Bansemer

Gold River Guides

Brookings, OR

(541) 661-0398

Kenton Bansemer

Gold River Lodge

Brookings, OR

(541) 661-2165

Alan Borges

Alan Borges Guide Service

Eureka, CA

(707) 496-9074

David Carney

Carney's Fishing Adventure

Rogue River, OR

(541) 582-2236

David Castellanos

Cast Guide Service

Brookings, OR

(541) 698-7029

Zach Collier

Northwest Rafting Company

Hood River, OR

(541) 450-9855

Tyson Crumley

Tyson Crumley's Guide Service

Gold Beach, OR

(541) 698-8338

Ronald Denardi

Denardi Outfitting

Hornbrook, CA

(530) 475-FISH

Gary Early and Val Early

Early Fishing

Brookings, OR

(541) 469-0525

Mario Gomez

Ironhead Guide Service

Happy Camp, CA

(530) 598-0530

John Hanson

Jack's Guide Service

Brookings, OR

(541) 469-9223

Steve Huber

Steve Huber Guide Service

Douglas City, CA

(530) 623-0387

David Jacobs

David Jacobs

Redding, CA

(530) 646-9110

William Jesperson

Jesperson Guide Service

Montague, CA

(530) 459-5156

Ron Jones

Southern Oregon Guide Service

Bend, OR


Al Kutzky

Kutzkey's Guide Service

Hornbrook, CA

(530) 941-3474

Luke Martinez

Wilderness Canyon Adventures

Pistol River, OR

(541) 698-7439

Andy Martin and

Travis Sallander

Wild Rivers Fishing

Brookings, OR

(541) 813-1082

(541) 469-5530

Todd Puett

Todd Puett Guide Service

Shady Cove, OR

(541) 840-0843

Mick Thomas

Lunker Fish Trips

Crescent City, CA

(707) 954-0352

Mark Wakeman

Mark Wakeman Guide Service

Blue Lake, CA

(707) 668-4192

Randy Wells

Oregon Fishing Adventure

Brookings, OR

(541) 500-7885

Joe Whaley

Joe Whaley Guide Service

Brookings, OR

(541) 661-6555

Harvey Young

Fishhawk Guide Service

Brookings, OR

(541) 469-2422