Chetco Bar Burned Area Emergency Response Implementation in Full Swing

Release Date: Nov 13, 2017  

Contact(s): Joni Brazier, RRSNF BAER Coordinator(541) 471-6760, Terry Hardy, District Implementation Coordinator

Brookings, OR— With authorization granted by the Washington Office, Burned Area Emergency Response treatments are currently being implemented in the Chetco Bar Fire area.  To assist with the workload, particularly in relation to road work, implementation team leaders and crews have been brought in to help facilitate this initial pulse of treatments.

Work to protect road infrastructure from eroding or failing is a key component of the BAER treatments currently being implemented.  Storm proofing work to clean roadside ditches and culvert inlet basins is underway on NFS Roads 1983, 1107-550, 1909, and 1917 and will be progressing to other roads over the next week.  Repair of burnout cavities under NFS Road 1909-050 and NFS Road 1376 have been completed.  Design and installation of culvert inlet protection, culvert upsizing, and relief pipes is underway in priority high-value locations having greatest potential risk.  In particular, the relief pipe for Second Creek on NFS Road 1376 is anticipated to be installed the weekend of November 18th.  When this work commences, travel is expected to be temporarily interrupted down to one lane with flaggers.  Road storm patrolling will be on-going in the fire area to assure culverts and ditches don’t become plugged and cause failures as conditions change over the course of the winter.

A top priority has been felling imminent hazard trees along NFS Road 1376 to make it safe for private residents and workers, and ultimately to open the road for public access to the South Fork Chetco River.  It is anticipated this work will be completed by November 17.

In recreation sites, hazard tree mitigation has been completed at Nook Bar, Redwood Bar, and Lower South Fork Campground, with Little Redwood Campground in the process of being treated.  The vault stacks on toilets affected by the fire along the Chetco River, Upper Chetco Trailhead, and Packer’s Cabin have been capped to prevent flooding, with plans in place to pump the vaults.

“Entering Burned Area…” hazard warning signs for roads, trails, and recreation areas have been ordered, and are being strategically installed in priority locations as defined with changes in closure orders.

Additionally, cultural heritage site stabilization work is planned, with erosion control materials being ordered to implement this month.

Other emergency stabilization treatments are being planned for spring implementation, including trail storm proofing and drainage work, as well as detection and treatments of noxious weeds.

The complete description of treatments authorized for the Chetco Bar Fire Burned Area Emergency Response can be found in the Chetco Bar Fire BAER Report on the RRSNF’s webpage, as can the Resource Specialist Reports. Information, including updates on work progress, are being added as they become available.

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