Chetco Bar: Basin Fire Salvage Sale Sold

Contact(s): Virginia Gibbons, Carol Lagodich

Chetco Bar: Basin Fire Salvage Sale Sold

Gold Beach, OR – The Basin Fire Salvage sale, the first sale offered under the Chetco Bar Area Salvage Environmental Assessment (EA) Decision Notice, sold Sept 6. The sale was sold to CLR Timber Holdings (South Coast Lumber) for $106,182 for approximately 5.8 MMBF (million board feet) of timber. Part of the proceeds of the sale, $93,595, will be utilized for forest restoration work.

“I am proud of all the hard work and collaboration that has gone in to treating these burned areas to reduce fuels and restore the forest”,” said Deputy Forest Supervisor Craig Trulock.

The next roadside danger tree salvage sale (Panther), is anticipated to be advertised in late Sept. The advertised price has not been determined at this time.

For more information, contact Acting Gold Beach Ranger Tami Conner at 541-247-3600 or