Outfitter Guide Permits

Outfitter Guide PermitsIllinois River

When do I need a special use authorization?

A permit is required when the outfitting/guiding operation is conducted on National Forest System (NFS) lands or waters. Outfitting and guiding services include but are not limited to hunts, helicopter skiing, and snowmobile, ski, and hiking tours.

Outfitters based off of NFS lands that rent and deliver equipment to the public on NFS lands must obtain a permit if they, their employees, or agents occupy or use NFS lands or waters in connection with their rental programs.

When is a permit NOT required?

  • If the operator’s customers transport rented equipment to and from the NFS lands.
  • If an operation serves Forest Service employees, Forest Service contractors, or other Federal officials in the course of their official duties.

Is my proposal appropriate?

Contact the Forest Service office in the area where you wish to conduct your activity. We will help to determine whether your activity meets the following pre-application screening requirements applicable to all special uses:

  • The proposed use is consistent with federal, state, and local laws, regulations, orders, and policies that apply to national forests and grasslands;
  • The proposed use is consistent or can be made consistent with the Forest Plan that established standards and guidelines for management of the land where the activity will take place;
  • The proposed use will not create a serious and substantial risk to public health or safety;
  • The proposed use will not create an exclusive or perpetual right of use or occupancy;
  • The proposed use will not unreasonably conflict or interfere with administrative use by the Forest Service, other authorized existing uses, or uses of adjacent non-NFS lands;
  • The proponent must not owe any fees to the Forest Service from a prior or existing special-use authorization;
  • The proposed use does not involve gambling or providing of sexually-oriented commercial services, even if permitted under state law;
  • The proposed use does not involve military or paramilitary training or exercises, unless such training is federally funded;
  • The proposed use does not involve disposal of solid waste or disposal of radioactive or other hazardous substances.

If you meet the initial screening requirements, the Forest Service administrator will provide guidance on what information will be required to complete your proposal. If your proposed event does not meet the screening requirements you will be notified that the proposal, as submitted, is denied.

A proposal that passes the initial screening proceeds to second level screening. Your proposal will be accepted as an application if it meets all of the following:

  • The proposed use would be consistent or compatible with the purposes for which the lands are managed; and
  • The proposed use would be in the public interest; and
  • The proponent is qualified; and
  • The proponent can demonstrate technical or financial capability to undertake the use and fully comply with the terms and conditions of the permit; and
  • There is someone authorized by the proponent to sign a permit or there is someone willing to accept the responsibility of the terms and conditions of the permit. Upon satisfactory passing of this screen the Forest Service will process your request.

What are the Title VI Requirements?

For more information regarding civil rights requirements for outfitter/guide permit holders, please visit www.fs.fed.us/recreation/programs/accessibility and read the Outfitter/Guide Accessiblity Guidebook.

Applying for an outfitter guide special use permit.

More information about applying for an outfitter guide permit on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

What if I have an outfitter guide permit, and am selling my outfitting guide business?

If you hold a Forest Service permit for outfitter or guiding, you are required to notify the Forest Service if you are considering selling your business. The Forest Service special use permit is a privilege and is not transferable, either upon sale of the business entity or change in controlling interest in the business entity. The permit is not real property, does not convey any interest in real property, and may not be used as collateral. Upon change of ownership or controlling interest the permit AUTOMATICALLY TERMINATES. The new buyer MAY OR MAY NOT be issued a permit. If you are interested in purchasing a business that holds a special use authorization, please contact the local district office for specific information.

Key Contacts

Supervisor's Office

  • Julie Martin
  • Forest Recreation Program Manager
  • (541) 618-2066

Gold Beach Ranger District

  • Dave Sheehan
  • Recreation Program Manager
  • (541) 247-3640

High Cascades Ranger District

  • Bob Cochran
  • Recreation Program Manager
  • (541) 865-2710

Powers Ranger District

  • Dave Sheehan
  • Recreation Program Manager
  • (541) 247-3640

Siskiyou Mountains Ranger District

  • Brian Long
  • Recreation Program Manager
  • (541) 899-3815

Wild Rivers Ranger District

  • Brian Long
  • Recreation Program Manager
  • (541) 899-3815