Christmas Trees

Holiday Traditions!

Some of our conifer trees make ideal Christmas trees, and for $5 a tree, you can bring home the holiday magic from your National Forest!

For some, Christmas tree cutting on the RRSNF has been a holiday tradition for many years. For some, this will be the first year--perhaps of many to come!--of venturing out to the Forest for this fun adventure. To help protect the future of this program, we ask that you take special care to read and follow the guidelines.

Permits can be purchased: 

Tips and Tricks

  • All standard rules and regulations apply, no matter how you obtain your permit, so make sure you read up on the "Guidelines and Restrictions" listed below! 
  • Planning to get your permit online, through Permits MUST be printed to be valid.

Get Your Maps, Digitally!

We realize those standard paper maps aren't very helpful for knowing where you are on the landscape. That's why we've added them to Avenza, where you can download them for free and make sure your favorite cutting spot is in the gree designated areas!

Know Before You Go


  • Download the Printable Maps

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    The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and Medford and Coos Bay Districts of the Bureau of Land Management share the Christmas Tree Permit program to make it easier for the public to understand where they can and cannot cut their trees. We have two maps to cover the lands administered by these two agencies, divided into West and East Zones: