Dolores Ranger District Road Status

Contact: Dolores Ranger District, (970) 882-7296

Updates to this page are made as soon as the Ranger Districts relay the information. If the date above seems old, it simply means there have been no changes in the road conditions since that date. Once there are changes, the page will be updated.

As of November 30, 2020

Just because a road is listed as OPEN does not mean that it is drivable.  Any road can be blocked by downed trees or snow at any time.
Do not cause ruts or road damage and do not get stuck. You can be ticketed for road damage.  The Forest Service and the Counties do not rescue stranded vehicles.


Road Name FR Number Status
Barlow Creek (to Bolam Pass) 578 Closed by snow
Bean Canyon  257 Open
Beaver Rim 529 Open
Beaver Rim F 529F Open
Black Mesa 533 / 611 Closed by snow
Black Snag 512 / 241 Closed
Boggy Draw 527 Open
Carlyle Point 525 Open
Cherry Creek 320 Open
Chicken Creek 385 Open
Chicken Creek D 385D Open
Cottonwood 532 Open
Cottonwood A 532A
Dolores-Norwood  526 Open
Echo Basin 566 Open
Glade  514
Grouse Point 390 Open
Haycamp Point  558 Open
House Creek, lower 528 Closed
House Creek, east 528.1 Open
House Creek, upper 529D Closed
Lone Dome 504 Closed
Lower Boggy Draw 258 Open
Madden Peak 316 Open
Millwood 559 Open
Oak Knolls 249 Open
Ormiston Point 521
Railroad Grade 568 Closed
Ramparts  328 Open
Red Arrow 567 Open
Ridge Point 271
Rock Springs (Haycamp) 556 Open
Ryman Creek 240 Closed
Scotch Creek (to Hotel Draw) 550 Open
West Dolores / Meadows 535 Closed by snow
West Mancos 561 Open

* These roads do not have a gate therefore are not regularly monitored. Please call (970) 882-7296 for the most up-to-date information.