Caring for Water  Your Watersheds Make a Difference Water Community

"Waters from your national forests improve lives and livelihoods far beyond their boundaries" -  Your Best Waters, US Forest Service video

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Get to know your waters: Our Water Story

  • Water Connects Us All

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    Water is essential to life.

  • Part of an Endless Cycle

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    The miraculous journey of water

  • Home to Headwaters

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    Located along the continental divide, the San Juans are the source of important rivers.

  • Find Your Water Source

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    Get to know your watershed

  • Special Species

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    Rare native fish and plants depend on our water

  • Role of National Forests

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    The Forest Service manages the largest single source of water in the US


  • Video: Your Best Waters


    Benefits of National Forests and your waters. Learn how the USDA Forest Service manages habitat for 220,000 miles of America’s fishable streams and rivers, along with 10 million acres of fishable lakes and reservoirs.

  • Wetland Restoration Work

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    Rare wetlands, such as the Grasshopper Fen, create unique ecosystems and take thousands of years to develop. In 2019, SJNF workers helped rehabilitate this damaged high elevation Fen.

Water in the News

Water Facts

  • USFS Water Facts: Water is one of the most important natural resources flowing from forests. National Forests and Grasslands are the largest source of fresh water in the U.S. under a single manager, with about 20 percent originating from 193 million acres of land.