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Crew History
Past crews: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 20102011, 2012

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Crew Information
The San Juan Interagency Hotshots are a Service First sponsored 20-person Type 1 crew based in Durango, Colorado. The crew is typically available for dispatches from early April to mid-October.

The San Juan Interagency Hotshot crew is a highly reliable organization providing exemplary, total wildland fire fighting services to our customers in collaboration with partners and communities at risk.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to build and maintain an Interagency Hotshot Crew that will exceed the standards as set forth in the Interagency Hotshot Operations Guide.

Mission Statement
The San Juan IHC is a professional and dedicated organization. Individuals will pursue and maintain the highest level of ethics and discipline on the crew. Our Golden Rule is to pursue excellence to the utmost without questioning the desire to be the best.

Operating Guidelines
The SJIHC stresses fighting fire safely, efficiently, and effectively. The 10 Standard Fire Orders and the 18 Watch-Out Situations are adhered to or mitigated at all times. Focus is on LCES. This crew is committed to "Zero Tolerance" of carelessness and unsafe actions.

The SJIHC provides a crew of 20 professional, dedicated wildland firefighters. The crew is staffed for effective achievement of the objectives and direction for the responsible party. We will make a positive commitment to effective communication, cooperation and coordination with the affected resource.

San Juan IHC is organized with 1 Superintendent, 1 Assistant Superintendent, 3 Squad Bosses, 4 Senior Firefighters, and 11 seasonal firefighters.

The SJIHC is committed to teamwork, developmental leadership skills, constructive criticism and showing a passion for their work. The crew is professional and attentive during the operational working period. Each crewmember will be evaluated on effective and quality communications, supervision, and teamwork.

Each and every individual and position is important on this crew. Equal treatment is a right; discrimination and harassment are not tolerated and immediate resolution should be expected.

Guiding Principles
The San Juan Hotshot crewmembers epitomize the interagency community, promote diversity, and represent a broad range of experience and expertise.

  • SJIHC is committed to provide safe, efficient, and effective direction during all phases of operations.
  • SJIHC is committed to effective communications, coordination, and cooperation within crew organizations and adjoining forces.
  • SJIHC is committed to providing a safe work environment, free of harassment, and valuing diversity.
  • SJIHC will strive to build depth in the crew by providing training opportunities when appropriate.
  • SJIHC will strive to achieve a high level of competence while working on incidents in accordance with safe and appropriate actions from mobilization through demobilization.

If you are interested in employment with the San Juan Hotshots, please contact:

Tom Allbright, Superintendent
970-385-1292 office
970-317-1169 cell


Scott McCreary, Assistant Superintendent
970-385-1291 office


Photo of firefighter on fire.














San Juan Hotshot Keith Bedonie on the Thorn Divide fire south of Devils Tower,
Photo by Nathan Payne, Gillette (WY) News Record.