Passes and Silverton Area Roads


Not all of these locations are on the San Juan National Forest.

As of August 16, 2017

Conditions can change rapidly, be careful of the weather.

Updates to this page are made as soon as the local contacts relay the information. If the date above seems old, it simply means there have been no changes in the road conditions since that date. Once there are changes, the page will be updated.  The number for the Silverton Chamber is (970) 387-5654.

*Be aware that passes can vary with weather any time of year. Some may be slick in areas, washed out or mud covered, even if they are listed as OPEN.  Please don't go beyond where you are comfortable driving. Be safe out there!

Animas Forks - OPEN
Black Bear Pass - OPEN
Bolam Pass - OPEN
California - OPEN
Clear Lake - OPEN
Cinnamon Pass -  OPEN 
Corkscrew Pass - OPEN
County Road 110 - OPEN
County Road 2 - OPEN
Cunningham Gulch - OPEN
Divide Road 564 - OPEN

Engineer Pass - OPEN 
Engineer Pass - Lower end - OPEN between Hwy 550 and Mineral Point
Hurricane Pass - OPEN
Imogene Pass - OPEN
Kennebec Pass - OPEN
La Plata Canyon (County Road 124) - OPEN
Lobo Overlook - OPEN

Maggie Gulch - - OPEN
Mineral Point - OPEN
Minnehaha - OPEN
Minnie Gulch - OPEN
Ophir Pass - OPEN
Owl Creek Pass - OPEN

Picayune - OPEN
Placer - OPEN
Poughkeepsie  - OPEN
Scotch Creek - OPEN
South Mineral Road  - OPEN
Stony Pass - OPEN
Treasure Mountain Loop - OPEN
Yankee Boy Basin - OPEN