Motor Vehicle Use Maps

The San Juan National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) identify roads and trails open to motorized travel by district. The Motor Vehicle Use Map is the legal document used to enforce travel rules on the forest. It does not identify non-motorized recreational routes. The map shows roads and trails where motorized users are allowed to ride and with what type of motor vehicles, and what time of year.

The Motor Vehicle Use Maps is available free of charge and will be re-issued periodically to include updates which will reflect any new travel decisions that have been made. It is the responsibility of motorized travelers to be aware of the legal designated routes and stay on them to ensure responsible use and enjoyment of the national forest. Hard copy versions of MVUMs are available at district offices.

Downloadable Motor Vehicle Use Maps by District

Current Road Status by district

Maps for mobile Devices

Pagosa MVUM 2018 QRForest Maps and MVUM's are also available for purchase and download to use via Avenza Maps, a free mobile app that enables users to navigate in real-time across the national forest using official forest maps as the background.

Travel management

Motor Vehicle Use Maps are a result of the U.S. Forest Service Travel Management Rule, a national effort begun in 2005 to address conflicts and confusion over motorized travel regulations on national forests and grasslands. The Motor Vehicle Use Map implements decisions that have been made through landscape-specific environmental analyses.

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