Seasonal Road, Campground, and Trail Conditions Vary on San Juan NF

Release Date: Jun 6, 2023

Some roads and trails remain closed as high-country snow and runoff linger.

DURANGO, Colo., June 6, 2023 – The San Juan National Forest continues to open and repair infrastructure following the heavy winter snow load and spring rainfall. Most roads and campsites are now open, but some high-country roads remain impassable or closed due to snowpack, damage, and even avalanches. The San Juan NF will continue to monitor roads and trails and will perform repairs and open them as conditions allow.
Spring and early summer conditions are variable, and visitors should be prepared to encounter system roads that are impassable due to snow drifts, waterlogged roadbeds, down trees, or other debris. “A road may be nearly open but is closed by 50 yards of snow on a north-facing slope while it is dusty on either side,” says Dolores Recreation Program Manager Tom Rice. Visitors are asked to stay off wet roads and respect road closures to decrease long-term and costly damages to the roadway. Visit the Forest Road Conditions page for up-to-date information.
Similar to roads, trail conditions are variable. Low-elevation trails are more reliable, while high-country trails and parking lots such as Andrews Lake and Little Molas remain snow-covered and muddy. Pagosa Recreation Program Manager Paul Blackman cautions further, “Only low elevation trails are accessible on our district due to extremely dangerous high-water crossings—there is still plenty of snow up high.” Trail crews are working to remove fallen trees and to repair water and snow damage. Plan ahead if you are heading out to the Forest—stick to low-elevation trails or have a plan B in case your trail of choice is impassable.
Find up-to-date campground status, booking information, and details on our Campground Status webpage.
• Dolores District: All campgrounds are now open.
• Columbine District: All campgrounds are open except Sig Creek Campgrounds.
• Pagosa District: All campgrounds are open except Palisade Horse Camp.
When visiting the national forest, please follow Leave No Trace principals and to get the most out of your experience, visit the Know Before You Go website. The Recreate Responsibly Coalition also offers guidelines and tips for getting outside and staying healthy while practicing responsible outdoor recreation and wildfire prevention activities.
For specific condition information, visit our road conditions webpage or contact your local district office:
• Columbine Ranger District (970) 884-2512
• Dolores Ranger District (970) 882-7296
• Pagosa Ranger District (970) 264-2268
For information on the San Juan National Forest, call (970) 247-4874, visit the forest website, or follow us on social media (Twitter and Facebook).
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