Blasting May Be Heard During Trail Construction

DOLORES - Construction of the new McPhee Overlook Trail connecting House Creek Campground with the Town of Dolores is more than halfway completed.  Technical trail construction beginning later this week east of House Creek Campground may necessitate the use of small charges to blast medium-sized boulders to clear a 1.5 mile segment of the new trail. From Wednesday, July 6 to Friday, July 15, the public may hear the blasting up to a few miles away, especially in the McPhee Reservoir area, but the charges should not be felt outside of the immediate area. Forest Service employees will be positioned to secure the area prior to and during blasting operations. The seven-mile-long, non-motorized trail is expected to be completed by the end of the fall 2016.  Construction is being handled by Trails Unlimited, a U.S. Forest Service trail construction specialty group.

For more information, contact Chris Bouton, Dolores District Trails Specialist. At 970 882-6831.