Burned Area Closures for the Plateau Fire and Burro Fire have been changed

Closure areas around the 416 Fire and Burro Fire were established in early June and modified in mid-July to protect fire fighters and the public.  The Burro Fire closure area has now been reduced to allow more public access to unburned and low severity burned areas. The closure for the 416 Fire will stay the same as it has been.  Recent rains have reduced fire activity and currently, fire managers do not believe that these fires will grow or continue to actively burn.  Because there are still hot and smoldering areas in the interior of the fire and the potential for debris flows, falling trees and flooding potential is high, a burned area closure is still necessary.

The Plateau Fire closure was established last week, and this fire has continued to grow.  The closure area now has been expanded to provide for public and fire fighter safety.

The following areas are now closed to all public entry: 

Burro Fire

  1. Going in or being upon all NFS lands bounded by Dolores River on State Highway 145,  the Hillside Drive Road (FSR 436) to the Grindstone/Hillside Connector trail (608), to the Highline/Colorado Trail (520), to the Sharkstooth Trail (620), to Twin Lakes Road (346) to the short section of the Aspen Loop trail (631) between FSR 346 and FSR 350 to the Spruce Mill Road (FSR 350) at the intersection with FSR 346 and on to  Windy Gap Pass to FSR 561 to the Rock Springs Road (FSR 556H ), to the Morrison Trail  (610), to the Bear Creek trail on the southwest side of the bridge.  36 C.F.R. § 261.52(e).

Note that Hillside Drive (FSR 436), Rock Springs Road (FSR 556), West Mancos Road (FSR 561), Spruce Mill Road (FSR350), Twin Lakes Road (FSR 346) the Dolores River, the Hillside Connector to the Colorado Trail and Colorado Trail remain open but act as a boundary. (See map)

T37 N, R11 W, Sections: 2-6, 8-11, 14-17, 21-23

T38 N, R11 W, Sections: 27-35

T38 N, R12 W, Sections: 9-11, 14-25, 36

  1. Within the Dolores River watershed, being on that portion of the Rough Canyon Trail (NFST 435), all portions of the Aspen Loop Trail system (NFST 631 and 561) within the closure area, Gold Run Trail (NFST 618), Bear Creek Trail (NFST 607), Little Bear Creek Trail (NFST 609), Morrison Trail (NFST 610), Grindstone Loop (NFST 658), Grindstone (NFST 608).  36 C.F.R. § 261.55(a). (See map)

  2. Within the Dolores River watershed, being on the Grindstone Road (NFSR 358), Rock Springs H Road (NFSR 556.H), Big Pole Springs Road (NFSR 401), Little Pole Springs Road (NFSR 402).  36 C.F.R. § 261.54(e). (See map)


416 Fire (no change)

  1. Going in or being upon all NFS lands in the Hermosa Creek watershed and all NFS lands west of U.S. Highway 550 bounded by the Junction Creek Road and Animas Overlook (NFSR 171) north to the Lower Hermosa Road (NFSR 576), mile marker 3.22 along the Elbert Creek Road (NFSR 581) along the southern Purgatory Ski Area boundary, excluding the entire Purgatory Ski Area boundary on the east side. Bounded on the north by, but excluding, the Hermosa Park Road (NFSR 578) and Hotel Draw Road (NFSR 550) to its intersection with the Scotch Creek Road (NFSR 550.1). Bounded on the west side by the Hermosa Creek watershed, excluding the Divide Road (NFSR 564) and Colorado Trail (NFST 520) for sections within the closure area. Bounded on the south side by, but excluding, the Colorado Trail (NFST 553 and 622). Finally, east along and including the Junction Creek Road (NFSR 171) to the Animas Overlook.  36 C.F.R. § 261.52(e).

Note that the Colorado Trail (NFST 520, 553 and 622) and Divide Road (NFSR 564) remain open for their entirety for sections within the closure area.

T36 N, R9 W, Sections: 1-9, 17-20

T36 N, R10 W, Sections: 1-2, 11-14, 24

T37 N, R9 W, Sections: 2-35

T37 N, R10 W, Sections: 1-27, 35-36

T37 N, R11 W, Sections: 1-2, 11-14, 24

T38 N, R9 W, Sections: 2-11, 14-23, 26-35

T38 N, R10 W, Sections: 1-36

T38 N, R11 W, Sections: 1, 12-13, 24-26, 35-36

T39 N, R9 W, Sections: 19-23, 26-35

T39 N, R10 W, Sections: 14-16, 21-29, 30-36

  1. Being upon any portion of the Hermosa Creek Trail (NFST 514), Pinkerton-Flagstaff Trail (NFST 522), Jones Creek Trail (NFST 518), Goulding Creek Trail (NFST 517), Dutch Creek Trail (NFST 516), Upper Dutch Creek Trail (NFST 497), Little Elk Creek Trail (NFST 515), Big Lick Trail (NFST 499), Elbert Creek Trail (NFST 512), Clear Creek Trail (NFST 550), South Fork Trail (NFST 549), Neglected Trail (NFST 547), Salt Creek Trail (NFST 559), Big Bend Trail (NFST 519), and Corral Draw Trail (NFST 521). 

  2. Being upon any portion of the Lower Hermosa Road (NFSR 576), Mitchell Lakes Road (NFSR 740), Junction Creek Road (NFSR 171) above the closure gate at mile marker 7.2, Champion Venture Road (NFSR 171.N) beginning at the intersection with NFSR 171 and continuing to the crossing of the Colorado Trail (NFST 553 and 622), Elbert Creek Road (NFSR 581) above mile marker 3.2.  36 C.F.R. § 261.54(e).


Plateau Fire

  1. Going in or being upon all NFS lands south of FSR 514, bounded  by and including FSR 523 and all lands east of FSR 523 and south to the rim above McPhee Reservoir; bounded by and including FSR 525, FSR 238 and FSR 238A south to the McPhee Reservoir/Beaver Creek rim.  (36 C.F.R. § 261.52(e).)

T39 N R15 W Sections 1, 2, 9-16, 21-28, 33-36

T38 N R15 W Sections 2-4

T39 N R14 W Sections 4-6, 7-9, 17-20, 30

  1. Within the Plateau Creek, Beaver Creek or Dry Canyon watersheds, being upon any portion of FSR 523, FSR 523 A, FSR 247 FSR 524,FSR 524 B, FSR 238,FSR 238A FSR 525B.  (36 C.F.R. § 261.54(e).)

Note that FSR 514 remains open and access to the lake shore from McPhee Reservoir (with ¼ of a mile) at the south end of the closure area is allowed.

Trails accessed by these roads are also closed.  See maps for details.  For further information call Dolores Range District (970) 882-7296.


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