Burro BAER report released

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) specialists recently completed their data gathering and verification field work of the Burro Fire burn area and finalized its Soil Burn Severity map.  Soil Burn Severity levels are classified as Unburned, Low, Moderate, and High.
The map shows that in the fire area, approximately 83% of the 4,866 acres analyzed by the BAER team within the Burro Fire is either unburned (38%) or low (45%) soil burn severity, while 17% sustained a moderate soil burn severity.  No areas within the Burro Fire were found to be of high soil burn severity.
The BAER post-fire assessment team uses the soil burn severity data to identify if there are areas of concern where increased soil erosion, accelerated surface water run-off, and debris flows have the potential to impact human life and safety, property, and critical natural and cultural resources from rain events. The BAER team consists of Forest Service scientists and specialists that consider emergency stabilization options for those critical resources. 
BAER specialists expect a minor increase in erosion and run-off within the Burro Fire area as a result of the fire because only 17% of the burned area experienced moderate soil burn severity.  In specific areas that experienced moderate soil burn severity, there could be concern for run-off from steep hillslopes and resultant increases in post-fire erosion, flooding, and debris flows.
The Burro Fire soil burn severity BAER map can be downloaded at the interagency “Rocky Mountain Region-2018 Post-Fire BAER” InciWeb site as a JPEG or PDF version under the “maps” tab.
A "Field Guide for Mapping Post-Fire Soil Burn Severity" can help with interpreting the map and can be found online at http://www.fs.fed.us/rm/pubs/rmrs_gtr243.pdf.