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Dolores Ranger District Finalizes Decision for Glade Rangeland Management Project

Derek Padilla, Dolores District Ranger has issued a final Record of Decision for the Glade Rangeland Management Project, selecting Alternative C.  The final decision continues livestock grazing with changes in management to continue progress towards ecosystem resiliency.  This project is a landscape environmental impact statement that included 8 grazing allotments including Brumley, Calf, Glade, Lone Mesa, Long Park, Mair, Sagehen and Salter allotments.


The analysis area, referred to as “the Glade landscape”, encompasses 164,176 acres of the western portion of the Dolores Ranger District.  The analysis area consists of a series of scattered meadows or parklands (i.e. ‘glades’) across the mesa and contains eight primary vegetation types including ponderosa pine/Gambel oak, mountain grassland, aspen, pinyon-juniper, mountain shrubland, sagebrush shrubland, and riparian types. There are approximately 120,000 acres considered suitable for livestock grazing across the landscape. Allotments in the analysis area contain anywhere between 4 and 10 pastures and range in size from about 8,000 to 38,000 acres each. Nine livestock grazing permittees currently operate in this area with a total of nearly 20,000 Animal Unit Months (AUMs) permitted.


The decision changes some of the grazing patterns, allows for increased flexibility to address resource issues, and defines objectives, issues and desired conditions to increase ecosystem recovery and resiliency.  It also identifies specific changes by allotment.


There are no further opportunities for public comment and the objection process concluded all administrative review opportunities. 

The Final Record of Decision is available at https://www.fs.usda.gov/project/?project=43416  For additional information contact Corey Ertl, Rangeland Management Specialist, at 970-882-7296.