Timber sale activities resume in Chicken Creek area

Release Date: May 19, 2021

Dolores Ranger District asks visitors to use caution if visiting the area

Dolores, Colo., May 19, 2021— The San Juan National Forest, Dolores Ranger District, will resume timber sale activities in the Chicken Creek area on Monday, May 24th. This is the Lost Turkey timber sale project. The purpose of this project is to increase forest resiliency, reduce the risk of high-severity wildfires, and provide wood products for commercial uses.

Harvest operations will be in the Lost Turkey sale northeast of the Chicken Creek parking lot in the vicinity of the Little Bauer Loop.

Visitors should expect to see and hear equipment associated with the timber sale including trucks and large harvesting equipment.  No closures of trails or roads are anticipated unless there is a risk to public safety. Visitors are urged to remain clear of any timber operations.

Timber sale activity in the Lost Turkey sale is anticipated to last into the summer.

For additional information, please contact Kevin Mcalpin at (970) 882-6865.

For information on current fire restrictions, conditions, and recreation opportunities on the San Juan National Forest, call (970) 247-4874, visit the forest website, or follow us on social media (Twitter and Facebook).