San Juan National Forest: Special Orders 1979-2020

Rocky Mountain (R2) Regional Special Orders


Location Order  Description Effective Termination
Dolores SJ-2020-01 McPhee Reservoir Boat Launch Closure and Aquatic Nuisance Species Inspection, Map 02/26/20 03/01/25
Dolores SJ-2019-17 Chicken Creek Cross Country Ski Area - Dog Restrictions, Map 12/16/19 12/01/24
Dolores SJ-2019-16 Chicken Creek Ski Area Hiking Prohibition, Map 11/25/19 11/25/21
Dolores SJ-2019-15 McPhee Overlook Trail Seasonal Closure Renewal, Map 10/29/19 12/01/24
Columbine SJ-2019-14 Hermosa Travel Management Landscape, Restricted Area Map, Oversnow Travel Map, Restricted Camping Map 09/11/19 09/10/24
Columbine SJ-2019-13 Fire 441 Emergency Trail Closure, Map 07/17/19 07/31/19
Columbine SJ-2019-12 Pine River Emergency Trail Closure, Map 07/15/19 09/30/19

SJ-2019- 11

Doe Canyon Fire Area Closure, Map 06/21/19 06/29/19
Columbine SJ-2019-10 La Plata Canyon Camping Restrictions, Map 07/02/19 06/1/24
Columbine SJ-2019-09 South Mineral Camping Restrictions, Map 06/21/19 07/08/19
Columbine SJ-2019-08 Andrews Lake Camping Closure, Map 06/04/19 06/02/24
Columbine SJ-2019-07 Purgatory Travel Management Use Restrictions, Map 06/25/19 06/25/24
Dolores SJ-2019-06 Calico Trail Closure,  Map 06/01/19 06/01/20
Columbine SJ-2019-05 Hermosa Wilderness Order, Map 05/30/19 05/30/24
Forest Wide SJ-2019-04 Occupancy and Use Restrictions 05/13/19 12/31/23
Dolores SJ-2019-03 Boggy Draw Prescribed Fire Area Closure, Map 04/30/19 11/1/19
Dolores SJ-2019-02 Dolores District Camping Restrictions, Map A, Map B, Map C, Map D, Map E 04/30/19 02/01/24
Pagosa SJ-2019-01 Williams Creek Area Camping Closure, Map 04/11/19 12/31/24
Dolores SJ-2018-13 Burro Fire Area Closure, Map 07/28/18 12/31/18
Columbine, Dolores SJ-2018-10 416 and Burro Fires Area Closure, Map 06/21/18 07/31/18
Columbine SJ-2018-07 416 Fire Area Closure, Map 06/03/18 07/09/18
Columbine SJ-2018-03 Andrew's Lake Camping RestrictionsMap 04/13/18 04/13/19
Columbine SJ-2018-02 Lower Hermosa Camping RestrictionsMap 04/13/18 04/12/21
Forest Wide SJ-2018-01 Forest Wide Occupancy and Use 04/13/18 04/13/19
Columbine SJ-2017-02 Lemon Reservoir Boat Launch Closure Order,  Map 04/14/17 05/01/20
Dolores SJ-2017-01 McPhee Reservoir Boat Launch Closure and Aquatic Nuisance Species Inspection Order,  Exhibit A Map 03/20/17 03/01/20
Dolores SJ-2016-11 McPhee Overlook Trail Seasonal Use Restrictions,  Map 10/28/16 10/28/19
Pagosa SJ-2016-10 Chimney Rock National Monument Occupancy and Use Restrictions
Map A, Map B, Map C
09/30/16 09/30/21
Forest wide SJ-2016-07 Prohibitions and Restrictions on Cave Access to Help Prevent Bat White Nose Syndrome 08/04/16 07/31/19



La Plata Canyon Camping ClosureMap





Grizzly Peak Research Natural Area Vehicle Special Closure Order,  Exhibit A Map,  Exhibit B Map





Chicken Creek Cross Country Ski Area Dog RestrictionsMap





Lizard Head Restrictions, Map





Camping within 1/4 mile either side of Williams Creek Road (FDR 640) from intersection with Piedra Road to terminus, Map





Motor vehicle restrictions at Durango Mt. Resort/Purgatory Ski area, Map



Columbine SJ-2003-02 Andrews Lake Winter Closure 1/10/03  
Forest Wide SJRG-99-05 Wildreness Prohibitions 8/24/99  
Forest-wide SJ-1999-01 Forest Travel Management Map 2/2/99  
Pagosa SJ-1998-17 Buckles Lake Seasonal Camping Closure 9/15/98  
Columbine SJ-1998-09 South Mineral Off Road Travel Prohibited 6/30/98  
Forest-wide SJ-1997-13 Bear Resistant Food Containers 8/15/97  
Dolores SJ-1996-20 Chicken Creek Ski Area Seasonal Closure 11/19/96  
Columbine SJ-1996-17 Durango Hills Radio Tower Road - Road # 071 Closure 10/6/96  
Pagosa SJ-1996-12 Lower Piedra, Williams Creek, Cimarrona Campground Restrictions 6/10/96  
Forest-wide SJ-1996-11 Camping Within 100 feet of an Outfitter Camp 6/10/96  
Columbine SJ-1996-06 Junction Creek Camping Closure 4/22/96  
Columbine SJ-1995-31 Durango Hills Trailhead Camping Closure 11/2/95  
Columbine SJ-1995-25 Falls Creek Shooting Closure 9/25/95  
Dolores SJ-1995-07 Willow Divide Ridge - Road # 727 Seasonal Road Closure 3/30/95  
Dolores SJ-1995-06 Bear Creek Trailhead - Trail # 607 Camping Closure 3/3/95  
Columbine SJ-1994-05 Falls Creek Rock Shelter Closure 5/12/94  
Columbine SJ-1993-11 Falls Creek Camping/Motor Vehicle Closure 5/25/93  
Dolores SJ-1992-27 McPhee/House Creek Hunting Restrictions 12/10/92  
Dolores SJ-1992-17 McPhee Boat Ramp Fishing Closure 9/17/92  
Forest-wide SJ-1992-03 Campground Electrical Outlet Restriction 2/7/92  
Forest-wide SJ-1991-20 Developed Campground Fee Payment 30 minutes 12/10/91  
Dolores SJ-1991-15 McPhee Unattended Boat Trailer 9/26/91  
Dolores SJ-1991-12 Two Vehicles Per Campsite 7/25/91  
Pagosa SJ-1991-06 West Fork Trail Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Closure 6/1/91  
Pagosa SJ-1990-25 Silver Falls/Turkey Springs Guard Station Camping Restriction 10/4/90  
Pagosa SJ-1990-13 Middle Fork Trailhead - Trail # 589 Camping Restriction 6/1/90  
Dolores SJ-1990-04 McPhee Overnight boat Parking Restriction 3/1/90  
Pagosa SJ-1988-19 Teal Boat Ramp Camping Closure 9/1/88  
Columbine SJ-1988-09 South Missionary Ridge Off Road Closure 3/30/88  
Dolores SJ-1987-24 Meadows Road - Road # 535 Log Truck Restriction 9/23/87  
Dolores SJ-1986-15 Mcphee Courtesy Dock Restriction 8/8/86  
Dolores SJ-1986-10 McPhee/House Creek Swimming Restriction 5/28/86  
Dolores SJ-1985-10 Navajo Basin - No Campfires 5/7/85  
Pagosa SJ-1984-11 Weminuche Trailhead Camping closure 8/29/84  
Columbine SJ-1979-13-15 Henderson Lake Motorboat Closure 8/17/79