Special Management Areas

“The purpose of the Special Management Area is to conserve and protect for the benefit of present and future generations the watershed, geological, cultural, natural, scientific, recreational, wildlife, riparian, historical, educational, and scenic resources of the Special Management Area.” - Hermosa Creek Watershed Management Plan, January 2018


Hermosa Creek Special Management Area

Hermosa Creek SMA 2

Hermosa Creek Special Management Area encompasses 70,600 acres of the San Juan National Forest and is located west of U.S. 550 and east of the Hermosa Wilderness. The area is open to many forms of recreation including hiking, mountain biking, OHV riding and snowmobiling. 


Piedra Area

Piedra Special Management Area

The Piedra Area, named for the Piedra River that dominates the mountainous landscape. encompasses 61,535 acres of the San Juan National Forest. This area is managed to maintain its existing wilderness character and potential for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System. Therefore, any other motorized or mechanized (bikes) vehicles and equipment are not allowed in the Piedra Area.