Ask USDA PhoneThe U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has launched the AskUSDA Contact Center program. The AskUSDA Contact Center will serve as the “one front door” for phone, chat, and web inquires, transforming how the public interacts with USDA and providing an enhanced experience for the public.

The public can contact AskUSDA by phone at (833) ONE-USDA between 9:00am-5:30pm EST weekdays, via live chat between 10:00am-6:00pm EST on weekdays or via email at any time to The AskUSDA website which contains information about all the agencies with USDA is available 24/7.

AskUSDA was created to make USDA more responsive to the public by providing a single destination for phone, chat, and web inquiries. Whether it’s talking to a USDA representative via phone, chatting with a live agent on our website, or communicating with USDA via e-mail, the public will have streamlined access.

The launch of AskUSDA delivers a centralized contact center that offers customer service and consistent information for the public. With over 29 agencies and offices, USDA’s mission impacts every single person in the U.S. and hundreds of millions around the globe. AskUSDA assures our customers have efficient access to the information and resources they need.

AskUSDA is set up to handle common questions across programs that service a variety of audiences. For example, customers who may have basic questions about USDA’s nutrition services can be assisted across phone, e-mail, and web chat by trained AskUSDA representatives, and customers who may have complicated questions about loan programs can be quickly connected to agency experts.

AskUSDA also hosts over five thousand articles for a self-service option to help with more common questions such as how to make a camping reservation or how to acquire a forest map.