Forest Products Permits

Permits for forest products are available for purchase at Ranger District Offices and the Supervisor's Office. Not all forest products are available on all districts.

Edible Material

Gathering piñon nuts is a local tradition on the Santa Fe National Forest. No permit is required to gather up to one (1) bushel of piñon nuts for personal use.


Moss rock may be obtained from various pre-approved areas on the Forest with a permit.  Permits are not generally required for non-commercial personal use (recreational) metal detecting, rock collecting (hounding), gold panning (dry wash or manual pan, not using any type of powered equipment, such as a sluice or dredge).

Plant Removal (Wilding Permit)

Permits to remove live trees are available seasonally. Aspen and  piñon transplants are available.

Firewood and other Forest Products

10/21/2019: We are able to sell personal use firewood permits at this time.

Permits to cut firewood, posts, poles, vigas, and other materials for personal use are generally available from late April or early May through the end of the year.  Permits for green wood are $10 per cord. Permits for dead and down wood are $20 for five cords. Permit costs relate to the quantity, dimensions and type of material needed. There is a $20 spending minimum for all forest products.  Please call a district office or the supervisor's office to verify product dates, availability, and hours of operation for permit sales.

Fuelwood maps and product plans by district. The Santa Fe National Forest Firewood Guide may help with defining cord and shows an example of where to place the fuelwood tags.

Coyote Ranger District

Coyote Ranger District Product Plan

Coyote Fuelwood Area

Cuba Ranger District

Cuba Ranger District Product Plan

Cuba North Fuelwood Area

Cuba South Fuelwood Area

Española Ranger District

Española Ranger District Product Plan

FR 144, FR31, FR27 Fuelwood Area

Borrego Mesa Fuelwood Area

Caja Del Rio Fuelwood Area

Jemez Ranger District Product Plan

Jemez Ranger District

Jemez Fuelwood Area

Gilman Tunnel Map

Dome Road Area

Pecos/Las Vegas Ranger District

Pecos/Las Vegas Ranger District Product Plan

Pecos/Las Vegas Forest Wide Fuelwood Area

Rowe Mesa Fuelwood Area


Christmas Tree Permits

Permits are usually available from the end of November until Christmas Eve. The nonrefundable permits are for personal use only and may be purchased for $10 by check, credit/debit card or cash at Ranger Stations and vendors that have permits to sell.  Permit purchasers receive a tree tag, map and guidelines for harvesting a tree. One tag is valid for a tree up to five inches in diameter and 10 feet in height.  Trees taller than 10 feet and/or wider than five inches require an additional tag.  For example, a 15-foot tree requires two tags.  The Santa Fe National Forest has a three-tag limit per person.

Christmas Tree Maps

News Release for the 2019 Christmas Tree Season

2019 Christmas Tree Guide