What Do You Do If You Don’t Know Anything About Forest Plan Revision? 

If You Are Robin Moore, You Sign Up for a Field Trip

Robin Moore moved to Northern New Mexico a year ago from the Bay Area where one of her favorite places was the Point Reyes National Seashore.

You may not see a lot of similarities between the seashore and the Santa Fe National Forest.  But Robin does.  “The commonality between ocean and desert is in their harsh vastness.  Both have to be appreciated by the standards of nature, not by how they accommodate man.”

She is still discovering things about her new home near the lower portion of the Chama River, seeing things with her painter’s eyes.  One day, a neighbor saw the painting she was working on and told her she really needed to get out into the Chama River Canyon Wilderness. “And he’s the kind of person whose hunches you want to listen to.”  She did venture out, but a massive rainstorm and lightning cut her trip short.

“So when I saw the ad in the Abiquiu News about the Santa Fe National Forest going through plan revision, I decided to sign up for the field trip.” Robin said she is so new to the area that she didn’t feel qualified to really have opinions on the forest plan.  “I mostly wanted to go on the field trip to hear other peoples’ opinions, including people from the Forest Service.”

So what did she learn on the field trip into the wilderness?  “I felt very glad to see such a level of passion and articulate expression on the part of everyone involved.  Our group had varied interests: from ranchers, whose families have managed cattle here for generations, and a pueblo leader with concerns for original ancestral communities and modern-day accountability, to people with recreational interests – hikers, boaters and artists.  For such a disparate group, everyone was very cooperative and listened to each other’s priorities.  One thing everyone agreed on was respect for every bit of that land.”

Robin is still educating herself and getting a feel for the landscape, “seeing it with fresh eyes and hopefully an open mind.”  But one thing she knows for sure is that she wants to stay involved in the forest plan revision process.


 Robin Moore

As a new resident in the Chama River Valley, Robin Moore appreciates the landscape of Northern New Mexico and wants to learn more about the role of public land management


Chama Field Trip

Forest Plan Revision’s Chama River field trip drew a good crowd, including Robin Moore, a newcomer to the area who signed up to learn more about conditions on the ground and hear other peoples’ opinions



A Shared Vision Through Forest Plan Revision

The video below describes the complexities of the past and the planning for the future of three northern New Mexico forests as they go through Forest Plan Revision. Special thanks to the Carson National Forest for producing this video.



Kids at Diablo Canyon!

The Forest Planning team went with students from Aspen Community Magnet School to visit Diablo Canyon in October 2016. This program was made possible by an Every Kid Outdoors (National Park Foundation Transportation) grant. The students learned about backpacking, wildlife, ceramics, archaeology, trail building, Leave No Trace ethics, Forest Plan Revision, and the U.S. Forest Service during the adventure as well as before and after the field trip when Forest Service staff visited Aspen School.

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